Age 23 – Awesome past couple of days thanks to NoFap, PIED gone!

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M23/recovering from PIED. Just wanted to share my experience with you guys.  I met a wonderful woman at school, and we really hit it off. After a couple weeks of dating, she came over and we had sex like six times (throughout the course of a couple days) It was really intense and passionate, but the best part was my performance ability was incredible!

I went from not being able to get it up for a real woman, to being able to keep going, round after round. Gents, this lifestyle really does wonders! Keep on keepin on!

My goal with NoFap is to fix my sexual intimacy issues with real life women. Of course I’m going to continue to live a PMO free lifestyle, but I was never really trying to be completely celibate. Just to heal my mind and be able to enjoy the real thing again.

I went through a phase after a breakup a couple years ago where I wasn’t ready to be with anyone, and abused PMO to take my mind off things, which ended up having a lot of awful effects. Wish I knew the effects of porn then!

LINK – Awesome past couple of days thanks to NoFap.

By Libidomy94