Age 23 – Back and forth for 4 years. Changes with nofap are unmistakable.


People can claim there are no superpowers all they want, but I know for a fact certain things change with me while on NoFap. One of my favorites is needing less sleep and actually feeling refreshed when I wake up. One of my favorite things to do before I slept was wank one out. Usually I slept for about 9-10 hours afterward and felt groggy upon wake up. Now I only need 7-8 hours per night and I wake up feeling refreshed!

Of course I can function with less, but to be at my best I like to get 7-8.

When I don’t fap I also want to go out and do things and talk to people! After PMO I am usually completely content staying inside all day playing video games and watching Netflix/browsing the web.

There is even a huge difference when I work out. When I haven’t fapped for 3+ days my energy in the gym is unmatched! It’s pretty ridiculous. I just get motivated as fuck for no reason and feel like I have all this energy to burn. When I am PMOing daily, I am pumped when I first get to the gym(preworkout). After about 15-20 mins though my mind and energy is done and ready to go home. Finally I have no more mid day slump/tiredness. As long as I get my 7 hours I am high energy all day. Amazing.

For me the differences are night and day. I didn’t really have a huge problem either. I would masturbate to porn once a day sometimes twice. I realize everyone is different, but I’ve been on and off the horse enough to really notice these differences. Hoping to stick with it this time around.

I am 23 now I have started NoFap on and off again since I was 19. I was a virgin until I was 21, lost my virginity on a 2 week streak. It was a lot harder for me to not fap when I didn’t work out. Working out gives me a great outlet to release all that extra energy that makes me want to fap.

I wanted to quit as of recently because after PMOing every day for a solid 2 weeks I noticed I was being extremely disinterested in my girlfriend and everything really. All I cared about was playing WoW which I supplemented with a daily fap break and a shitty workout.

Now I’m going hard AF in the gym, I’m back to being interested in my girlfriend, and just all around high energy and happier. I actually want to do things with people again lol.

LINK – Obvious changes while on NoFap

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