Age 23 – Better vision, feeling good in general, improved focus at school


I have been doing hardmode because it’s the true path of recovery for me towards getting my life back on track. Here are the list of benefits i have accumulated:

-Better long distance vision

-Happily singing in my privacy and feeling good in general

-Urges do not phase me, I deflect the thoughts easily

-Improved focus on schoolwork

That’s about it for now, i still have a ways to go but I’ll get there. Slowly but surely.

I’ve had 3 wet dreams so far, i managed to wake up from then to reduce the load ejaculated and am better at fighting off the thoughts that appear in dreams that want me to spill.

I’m 23 years of age, I’ve had a lot of steaks that were 3, 4, 7,10,14 day steaks but this is my longest so I’m in uncharted territories going through flat line.

LINK – 30 day Hardmode report

By golden_laflame