Age 23 – Confidence, socializing, integrity, I can do anything step by step


My life is soo much better now i cant believe it. Damn, if someone told me like 4 months ago i can be happy with me and my life i wouldnt believe… but i am. I know i will repeat things other guys already wrote but i just want to share some things.

1) Confidence. It is related with almost everything in person’s life, and i feel like i was dead without it. Some problem at work? Ask for advice and fix it yourself. Need to get some information? Ask. You like that cute girl sitting alone in the corner? Go and say hi. Dance with her, have fun, ask number. Look everybody straight into the eyes. You are the best man in the world, at least you should be that person for you. Use it you damn fool

2) I seek contact with other people. Me having free time staying at home? Hell no. Meet with friends, go to the club or whatever. Talk with people, make new friends. Talk with people you meet at work. Or in the restaurant. Or shop. Also, my relationships with friends and family are now better than ever.

3) Honesty. Now when i dont pretend to be someone else i say truth only. My own opinions and feelings. My mother can use my PC and i dont give a shit coz i dont have anything to hide. Shes my best friend now and i say her anything, no matter what topic. ‘Damn mom i need to wash underwear, had wet dream again’

4) I have a plan. Im getting shit done step by step and i know i can do anything i imagine, i just need time

5) Energy. So much of it. There is one shitty quest at work no one wants to do coz its basically lifting heavy boxes? Count me in bitches, its like going to gym and getting paid for it.

6) Diet. I’m eating healthier, less and regularly. 8 kgs of weight lost in like 4 weeks.

But for me the best thing is finally being myself. I do only things which are good according to my mind and heart. Nothing like it

Good luck to you guys just beginning the nofap journey, and cheers to you veterans.

Some guys are talking here about superpowers, how nofap alone made them masters of social interactions. i think its bullshit, nofap makes guys seek socialization, going out etc. and only there one learns social skills, its practice by social interactions.

first month i had urges but i found somewhere that tensioning stomach muscles is helpful and it was for me. actually i did it every time i had in my mind flashbacks of porn i watched and it made those thoughts go away. but currently i think its just strong will coz i know no matter what i wont fap.

I know ‘never say never’ but i cant imagine me ever wanting to PMO in my future life

I’m 23 and was tired of being a failure of a man. If you are interested in my story read this post:

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By Pretty_Boy_Lloyd