Age 23 – Cured my delayed ejaculation after 41 days!

This is to all the guys who have DE, you can get better! I’m 23 years old and I never thought I could heal this. Ever since I started having sex I wasen’t able to orgasm with a woman. I could only achieve it if my girlfriend gave me a very long lasting handjob.

My penis was completly numb from “death grip” masturbation (to make things worse as a kid I used to masturbate prone), I couldn’t feel a thing while having sex or getting a blowjob.

After I found NoFap I regularly started quitting masturbation, it was really difficult and I relapsed many times, but my sensitivity started to come back. I usually relapsed at day 9 or 10, it wasent until I reached 15 days and came from a blowjob in 2 minutes that I realized this was the way to go.

I did 23 days and still got DE, so I kept relapsing. The only way you can do this is if you really want to get better, with this in mind I went 40 days without masturbation and sex. I did not edge (althought I watched porn in moments of weakness or boredom) and that was essential. On day 41 I had sex, I was really nervous and I took me a long time to orgasm but I did it, laying on my back and streching my toes.

On day 48 I tried again and came in 2 minutes, while doing missionary. I was cured! I never thought I would get rid of this, I suffered immensely and got frustrated hundreds of times. I can now enjoy sex like a regular person. If I could get better, and my situation was desperate, so can you!

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by Pirlo23,