Age 23 – Discipline, girlfriend, 50 pounds lighter


I stumbled upon the nofap sub a few days into a streak, as I’d been trying to quit on my own. The online community here led to accountability partners through the last infamous nofap war, and I’ve kept up with several accountability partners daily since then. As for improvements, I don’t really know where to begin.

I feel like a different person because of the amount of discipline I’ve learned in life. It kind of spills over everywhere, from my job to my time in the gym to my relationship with my girlfriend (SCORE!). “We” happened just over six months ago. So that makes it a bit over halfway through this streak. She just so happens to be my first-ever girlfriend, and I’m hoping she’ll be my last. 🙂 To be completely honest, I do no sex at this time of my life out of personal beliefs.

My current streak began on October 24, 2015. Since then, I haven’t PMO’d or had sex at all.

I have lost about fifty lb (20kg), though, due to nofap, and my transformation is here:

I think a reset is a great thing for any guy, as it teaches us to learn a bit more about who we are by forcing to seek other outlets for fulfillment. I’ve learned quite a bit about my likes and dislikes since this streak began as a result of just that.

Link – 500+ days hardmode. 23 year old virgin. Lost 50 lb from nofap. AMA

By chaoticlunatic

Fapping was a source of security and comfort for me. Taking that away didn’t make my brain very happy, so I had several weeks of irritability at first. It gradually got better, thankfully!

And to answer the part about the withdrawals, they were very hard. I had a strict no-being-alone-in-the-house rule, which worked since I had roommates at the beginning of my streak. I live alone now, but I still don’t spend a ton of time holed up in my apartment. That doesn’t help a lot!

I get urges quite often, but the ways I’ve learned to deal with them have helped a ton! Here are some things I do when they strike:

-get out of the house
-go pee
-work out
-go for a run
-text an accountability partner
-do the dishes
-clean my room

LINK – 548 days hard mode and glad to help out however I can. AMA!