Age 23 – ED cured. Libido back. Depression has faded.

I’m 23 and I started this nofap 120 days ago. I went two years of not getting erections during intercourse and was heaps scared and totally depressed. I stumbled across nofap and saw what were the symptoms and I realized I had ED porn problem. I noticed when I took a pill and couldn’t get horny for a prosay instead later at home for porn, at that moment I knew that was the sole problem after 2 years of not knowing.

My tips to being cured

1. Cut porn completely and don’t masturbate. For me it was easy knowing how badly I wanted my sex life back!

2. Its ok to look at pics here and there but don’t masturbate!

3. Keep going and don’t give up. The worst period is flat line I had chronic depression and didn’t know it was from having a flat line till I did my research and knowing it was from that made it a hell lot easier.

I started having wet dreams about having sex with woman and I had about 5 in the 120 days compared to maybe even 1 my whole life. It makes me sooo motivated for life, crazy confidence.

I knew I was cured when id go get massages and test myself out being massaged and see if I get aroused. One time I decided to see what happens if I get a happy ending and boy did I get hard! I blew after a few minutes but from then I knew I was cured and I am cured from depression. And since then I fantasize about woman and get instant horny about them which I haven’t in years!

Thank you nofap you saved my life!!

LINK – Ed porn cured

by Paul11221