Age 23 – ED: I had sex with a condom and finished. 6 years waiting for this moment

I had PIED since I was 17. I’m 23 now. I didn’t think I would be able to post this unless I reached 3 months full hard mode, but it’s not the case… Today I had a sex with a condom and finished all the way… 6 years waiting for this moment and it finally happened.

So I posted yesterday that I was able to keep it up for the first time with a condom all the way; but I didn’t ejaculate inside (was unable to). But it was still a major improvement because prior to this  condoms made my willie totally limp.

In the past, even without a condom I only achieved full penetration 1 time out of probably 100 times in the past. I feel unstoppable now. Porn is no longer a part of my life. If you guys have any questions I am happy to answer.

It doesn’t really feel too special right now because i have med school exam stress. But I definitely feel more dominant now, confident, and powerful. This works, this is the answer. Eliminate porn from your life and watch your problems disappear.

(2 years nofap; had two 1 month hard mode streaks; sporadic relapses; on day 11 of my current streak)

LINK – Success! with condom on! this works! (PIED)

by Fapn0mas