Age 23 – ED: The biggest difference I would say through 90 days is actually wanting real girls.

Half of me is extremely proud and in shock that I just went 3 full months without something I’ve done basically every week since I was super young. It truly is a great accomplishment and seeing that blue star feels great.

The other part of me says “It’s about damn time..” you grew up and moved on from this childish behavior.

My Story – It’s Never Too Late to Change

Don’t want this to drag on too long but some basic history is that I’m 23/M who didn’t even have his first kiss until age 20. When you’re a 21 y/o virgin it’s embarrassing and I had depression for about 5 years throughout high school coupled with a call of duty addiction. So when I finally started getting girls to get with me and the little soldier would never be ready for duty I was crushed. I had finally broke through in college and THIS is what happens?!

I wish so bad that I had found this place earlier so I could’ve enjoyed these college girls. Instead we would stay the night together after both getting disappointed only to leave and me to PMO and actually enjoy that. When you watch the movie Don Jon and see yourself it’s a problem. Here you have a beautiful naked girl willing in your bed but pixels on a screen and your own hand feel so much better…

Roughly 90 days ago I found this place and it may just be a life saver. For the last few years I thought I’m just cursed with an awful life and this terrible problem until I actually saw this entire community all suffering from the same exact things. Finding this with a counting badge, a supportive community, and the will to finally move on has me at 0 relapses since I started this.

Update On Girls / Benefits

Around day 57 a chick was into me at a party so we fooled around for awhile in the bathroom. This was the first action of any type I got since starting this so I was curious and hopeful to see what would happen. In college I bought some viagra thinking that would solve my problem but it only helped get it up. It didn’t solve years of “death grip” and very harmful techniques. This time I had no viagra and actually got it up for the first time unassisted! The BJ felt alright but I know it should still feel better. The fact that I actually got hard and could get some was a nice improvement though so I know it’s helping and that this is worth it. I didn’t receive long enough (she didn’t want to get caught) to know if I could O but I would guess I wouldn’t have just from that. We’ve been texting and she’s likely going to come over within a few weeks so hoping for the best and to see the progress after 90+ days.

The biggest difference I would say through 90 days is actually wanting real girls. In the past I did just because I knew I was SUPPOSED to but in reality I just wanted PMO because it felt wayyy better. I knew if I got them it would just end in disappointment and embarrassment. Now, when I have no PMO and a big streak, I actually want real girls because there’s nothing else there to replace it and I want to see my progress and to get real pleasure.

A different random benefit is THREE different people have said I look taller. I’m 23 and pretty sure I haven’t actually grown.. I think I just stand up straighter now with more pride. Who knows.

Final Thoughts

Kill the boy, let the man be born. Enough was enough, I needed to grow up. Thank you to this entire community of fapstronauts for the support and inspiration. Apologies if this was too long.

Like the title says, 90 doesn’t mean I finished the challenge and it’s over now. This was really just the beginning. We’ll see how I do after O’ing for the first time but I truly believe I’ll one day see the rocket ship next to my name. Never Give Up.

LINK – 90 Days is just the beginning

by ColtonWest