Age 23 – Extreme social anxiety gone after 1.5 years


It’s been roughly 8 months since I’ve last watched porn with the exception of nudity in tv shows (cough cough.. game of thrones). There was a time before I discovered semen retention & NoFap when I was in a mall. During this time in my life I was deep into PMO. My social anxiety was so great I couldn’t look up from the floor & my eyes were so irritated I looked like I was crying. I rushed into the mall bathroom & sat in a stall for about 20 minutes trying to compose myself.

Now 8 months after quitting porn & I can walk into any public place without hesitation & hold strong eye contact with any girl. I feel truly worthy of her. I bask in this benefit because I know how bad it was before. Some people may say “you’re just feeling normal now” I don’t see it that way to me this is a literal superpower.

This didn’t happen overnight. I had a 3 month long flatline at the beginning of my first streak where I still experienced social anxiety & poor eye contact. It took well over half a year to get to where I am now.

Maybe some day in the future I’ll forget where I was before all this happened to me & no longer appreciate this but for now I feel as if I’m walking on air.

My first streak was 4 months & my flatline lasted well past 120 days. This is why I always tell people it’s going to be a much longer haul than just 90 days.

I’m 23 now & quit porn when I was 22.

I’m going to hazard a guess & say I started PMO when I was 13 so it was close to a decade.

I haven’t watched porn in 8 months but fell back into MO for a short period.

LINK – Eye contact with girls on semen retention.

 By ScottDurden