Age 23 – First date in 3 years, so relaxed

I’m 23, I haven’t dated since 20, I always blamed work, but tbh I was just anxious.

I was also quite immature back then, in a way I wasn’t aware of at the time. In a few years I’ll probably say the same thing about myself now!

started NoFap in the beginning of February. Had a 14 day streak, then a 37 day, now it’s just whatever is on my counter. No porn the entire time. I started because I had serious DE and general anxiety around people.

I’ve had my ups and downs but mostly its been a positive experience.

So i met a girl on tinder, struck it off quite well, chatted easily for an afternoon then the next day, asked her to a date which we just had. It was a simple date, a coffee and about an hour and a half in an arcade playing games, race cars, wack a mole, hoops etc. It was just generally fun.

I don’t think we have a chance of doing anything long term, I want someone to go running with, she wants someone to sit on the couch with. That doesn’t matter right now, we had fun, joked a bit, and kissed at the end of the date. Instant boner, something which never used to happen.

I guess I’m just sharing because I know a lot of guys are doing this for girls and I want to show that it wasn’t a big deal, we were just two people who enjoyed one another’s company. That’s kinda all dating is, I’d never have been so relaxed before NoFap, so thank you to this community.

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by RobertLxander

[EARLIER POST] I started NoFap and PornFree on February 1st 2015. Since then I haven’t masturbated. I reset my counter after having a one night stand and 25 days hard mode just ended.

Since I started I haven’t watched porn, 65 days porn free. I don’t think I ever will again. It’s simply not something I feel is healthy.

In the last 65 days I have felt better, I have been more confident, I have chosen to speak to girls at parties and strengthen friendships with the female friends I have. I have begun running again, and have been more focused at university and work. I’ll admit that I don’t feel any shame when I look women in the eyes, and I don’t shrink away from other ‘alpha’ males. I have a strong sense of centered quietness, which means I have an energy which is positive and resonates.

However I haven’t experienced a flatline, I haven’t experienced cravings for porn, and I haven’t experienced overwhelming feelings of ‘superpowers’. In fairness I never had issues with PIED or DE, I lost my virginity before I ever watched porn and I have seduced women before. I had issues with confidence, but I was working on these before I started nofap.

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by RobertLxander