Age 23 – French with PIED: My advice is to be patient. It will probably take you more time than you think. I needed hard-mode.


I’m here to share my experience with you because I’m nearly totally cured and i think my experienced can help you too. Today I’m 23, I’m French, I started masturbation to high speed internet porn at 12. My first experience with a girl was at 19. Conclusion = no erection at all. It was like the thing I’ve always dreamt of was finally not really good as porn.

So I kept watching porn and struggled to have sex with my Gf during 2 years. It took me 1 year to manage to have a 60% erection with her and handjobs were necessary to get the thing on track.

And then at the age of 22, the 10th April 2015, I watched a video, a TED video with a guy named Gary Wilson who explains the PIED. And at this exact moment, I knew I wasn’t weak, sterile, or unable. I was just physically injured in my own brain by porn, which was in fact the start of all my sexual issues, it was poison, and I used it 10 years of my life.

It was so crazy for me to realize that this innocent thing, immaterial and enjoyable had an impact on me, on my body. 5 days after watching all Gabe Deem’s videos about reboot I started mine thinking it would take me 2 or 1 month. The first 8 days were awful, I relapsed, and retried but after that I was still masturbating to orgasm during the reboot. 2nd June 2015 is the last time I watched porn, and I’m sure now I’ll never watch this sh*t again, I don’t even want to.

But I didn’t realize it wasn’t enough. Indeed, I tried to have sex with different girls during my reboot and I was also masturbating to only sensation during this period. The verdict : Some improvements but still some frequent erectile dysfunction, bad or medium erection quality especially with girls. I despaired; I’ve stop porn what I could have done more?!

Then started to think about about Hardmode: it’s simple, no orgasm at all. I didn’t want to do it because for me it was too painful to not have orgasm for 2 or 3 month. But I realized I didn’t have the choice, softmode wasn’t enough. You don’t kill a T-rex with a spoon.

My first ”session” was on December 2015 after another deception with a girl I’ve tried to have sex with. I had to maintain the erection with handjob every 15 seconds, for a 22 years old male it was definitely not normal. I lasted 22 days without orgasm, and then I had sex with the same girl. And i had only 3 words to say at this moment: Oh my god.

ED was nearly gone, I was more in the moment and sensation were incomparable, it was like I was discovering sex for the time. After this I kept meeting other girls but I felt my brain needed more recovery: it was some 80% percent erection and I still needed little handjob to start the fight but of course nothing like before the reboot. So 1 month ago I decided to start another reboot. I had to kill the beast forever.

Today, I’m on day 34 on hardmode without any relapse or orgasm, and of course no porn since June 2015. I feel I’m healing for good. My only advice is to be patient. It will probably take you more time than you think (probably 1 year or 1 and a half) and the most important: go hardmode, it works 100 times better. Meditation and yoga helped me a lot too.

I hope my story helped someone and thanks to Gary Wilson, Gabe Deem and all the people of this forum with their stories without I would have never known this plague and would be probably still struggling today with ED, thank you so much, you saved my youth, and my sexual life.

LINK – My journey on Hardmode. Finally found the key to success.

BY – French Dude