Age 23 – From PIED to the drill that would pierce the heavens


I started because of PIED. I spended hours daily looking for porn pics and videos to download, and I didn’t liked this situation, obviously. Also, I didn’t like that when I took my notebook to public places, I always felt insecure that someone would see porn in it, or something like that.

I don’t know if it changed many things, so let me make a list.

  1. After some time, I didn’t want to see porn anymore. Yeah, I didn’t wanted to enter porn sites, pornographic reddits or anything like that. I think that is because of the PIED, and because sex in porn is so fake that it isn’t appealing anymore.
  2. My sex drive is through the roof
    I’m thinking about sex every day
    every time
    every second
    nah, just kidding. But I want sex a lot more now.
    Before, there would be days that I would look at beautiful women and I would be like “meh”. Now, I everytime I look to a pretty woman, I’m like “wow, so pretty” or “hm, dat ass”
  3. I feel less dirt
    Well, this is not complex. Porn makes me feel guilty and dirt, and I feel better without feeling like that
  4. PIED
    I don’t know if my dick work yet because I didn’t have sex in these 90 days, but last week I was kissing a girl, and she was not even beautiful or something like that, but my dick was exploding, full throttle, being the drill that would pierce the heavens, so… yeah.

I don’t know or remember any other thing that changed, but feel free to ask anything.

I’m 23 yo.

LINK – 90 days

By kwartzor


Hey guys, I’m back with good news: I don’t have PIED anymore

So, before nofap, I tried four times to have sex, and I always lost my erection (a half erection, when I had one), even when penetrating. Only if she was sucking that my penis would regain it, but still I was not capable of climaxing. I was not very interessed in the moment too.

After 112 days, I brought a girl to my house and we were cuddling, and then started kissing. I tried to advance the game b ut she said she was virgin, so we came back to kissing and touching, but with clothes, which sucked, but ok. It went for hours (lol) and all that time my penis was full hard and I was in full heat. Then I tried to make her do a handjob, and she complied. We were lying in bed, face to face, so it was a strange position, and she was inexperienced, so it wasn’t very good, but still I was enjoying it and finally I came.

So, yeah, I feel free from the fear of erection disfunction and finally can live a normal sex life, only fearing dsts and pregnancy lol.

LINK – PIED cured