Age 23 – Goals, new girlfriend, learning a new language, studying stocks


 I want to present you the new me. I have been addicted to watching webcamgirls since I was 17 years old.. I am 23 now. That means 6 years long I was addicted to fapping on live girls. The website gave free credits when you confirmed with mobile phone number. Sometimes I would spend hours and hours searching for a phone number I could use in order to get free credits. I was drained doing this and felt completely useless.

But it’s the dopamine that wants us to fap, right? . A little more than 3 months ago I met a girl in the gym which I absolutely felt a connection with. I decided to stop fapping completely and stop searching for stupid phone numbers to watch the webcamgirls.

This was the best decission of my life. I’m now on day 64 of not fapping/thinking about the stupid webcamgirls and feeling absolutely fantastic. Everything is also going really well with the girl that I met and we are actually a couple now?! My first girlfriend in my life and my longest streak that I have ever made. Coincedence? Maybe, maybe it’s paying off that I’m not fapping 😉

But not only have I stopped searching for phone numbers to watch online girls, I have also been using my time really wise and being productive as hell. I have set goals, used my time to learn a new language and I’m learning about stocks while working fulltime.

I have absolutely no urge to watch online webcamgirls even if I get triggered (which I rarely get actually). My mind has become so much stronger and so is my personality. I’m alot more social now and not afraid to speak out my thoughts.

It was pretty funny because last week my girl told me that she likes that I’m an alpha-type of guy. It gave me a little laugh inside because I know that not watching PMO anymore helped it for sure. I feel so much more confident in overall and more energetic not wasting all those hours on the internet anymore.

So guys, I just wanted to share my succes story with you. I hoped you enjoyed reading it. I feel rebooted and feel absolutely disgusting thinking about porn.

[I tried NoFap] because I was wasting energy and time.. I also felt miserable after fapping on porn and even fapping in general. It was time for a change.

Goodluck my fellow fapstronauts!

LINK – My Success story with NoFap (And why you shouldn’t fap)

By defiliator