Age 23 – Healthy relationship helped me stop relapsing


I’m 23 and I used porn since I was 12. I quit because of religious reasons, but also because having to watch more and more violent porn to get an erection scared me. Benefits? Wedding in Autumn 😀

After my longest streak (128 days) I started to relapse after shorter and shorter periods. I almost ended up getting back to weekly masturbation. Then something new happened. Last summer I started dating a female colleague from an NGO where we both work. We have known and liked each other for 3-4 years, but we never expressed any deeper affection towards each other. We used to think, that we’re only gool friends, but finally, it happened. And now we’ve been together for over 7 months and decided to get married this September.

So, now you may ask how that helped me in my NoFap struggle? Actually, it’s pretty simple. After two months of dating her, I relapsed and told her everything. We cried, she hugged me and told that she will do anything to help me. It really, really hurt her. That was 195 days ago. Honestly, whenever I got the urge to fap, I reminded myself how ashamed I felt and how it hurt her.

It really worked for us. I know that the is always a risk that I’ll relapse, but now I have the strongest motivation ever. Not because relapsing might hurt me, but because it might hurt her.

I’m more self-confident, better organized and I also started some physical exercise to get more fit.

Aaaaaaaand of course the feeling of freedom and great achievement 🙂

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