Age 23 – Higher energy, Girls still drawn to me, Face to face social anxiety is mildly better but phone call anxiety is gone, Better at dealing with negative moods

Before I started this challenge I wondered if the benefits of NoFap would kind of peak around the like 20-30 days mark and if doing it any longer was really worth it or just a waste – but I can safely say that the benefits have kept increasing all the way up to the 60 day mark, and I expect them to continue to do so up until 90.

So, my status at the start of the 30 day mark:

  • Higher energy
  • Higher confidence
  • Girls drawn to me
  • Still really bad face to face social anxiety, albeit a little better than before, and I faced it a couple times
  • Working out harder than before
  • Crippling anxiety with regards to phone calls
  • No girlfriend

Now my status after 60 days:

  • Even higher energy than the 30 day mark
  • Working out harder than ever before, got myself a pullup bar and a 5kg/10kg dumbbell and have been working myself out intensely with them and my bodyweight exercises.
  • Girls still drawn to me, in fact…
  • I now have a girlfriend
  • Face to face social anxiety is only mildly better than at the 30 day mark, but…
  • Phone call anxiety is completely gone. I’m on the phone with my girl pretty much every day, and rather than causing panic attacks – I actually look forward to it.
  • I’ve become MUCH more rational and I’m much better at dealing with negative moods
  • My willpower is a lot higher.

Considering I started NoFap to deal with my social anxiety, and one of the places I had it worst (phone calls) is now completely anxiety free, this is a huge win for me, and I look forward to conquering my face to face social anxiety just the same!

I already made a post about the first 30 days of NoFap and the benefits and achievements that were gathered during that time. You can find that thread: here. Another update shall come at the 90 day mark when this challenge is done!

LINK – 60 days/2 months – an update on what’s happened in the time from 30 to 60 days

by JesusGreen