Age 23 – I actually enjoy most social interactions now


Honestly couldn’t be more excited about this. I have grown a lot and never entertain the idea watching porn with anything more than a passing thought. Life feels a bit better knowing I am already succeeding at something in the background of it all.

I know my journey isn’t over as I still get urges for mo with dirty thoughts, but I always let these thoughts come and go in a matter of seconds. I’m hoping at 120days these thoughts become less frequent or atleast more realistic, less like porn.

“Super Powers” are wonderful. I actually enjoy most social interactions now, though a little nervous from time to time; but I know that will just take practice. Making eyecontact is becoming more of a habit and I feel like 5 days outta the week my mind is very clear and even the other two days are still clearer than most on pmo.

A few tips for those looking to make it this far. First and most important imo, is reallly want it. So strongly that pmo is not an option. Don’t just tell yourself that, unless you can fake it till you make it I suppose, but really feel it in yourself. NoFap gets a whole lot easier when you treat pmo like putting needles in your eyes.. Second, I’d say almost equally important but on a different level is to recognize triggers. Triggers are key and can be highly obscured. For example my triggers are when I get up in the morning and before I get in the shower. My brain tries to get me into an old habit. Another trigger I found key to avoid was social media, but you can find posts about that everywhere here.

Third tip would be to stay busy. I don’t mean to just be busy for the hell of it, but really accomplish things. Use that feeling of success from nofap to propel yourself forward to create more success. Use the discipline you learn from nofap on other addictions. Just keep growing so you don’t have a reason to fall back.

Final tip.. Never give up. Remember early on its about progress not perfection. I failed more times on NoFap than Edison did creating lightbulbs, but I got better each time. Don’t kick yourself when you’re down this is a challenging lifestyle change and beating yourself up about it will just lead to a binge.

Good luck to everyone and I’ll post again on 120 days if it seems necessary. You’re all awesome and doing great just by being here.

I am 23y/o and the symptoms that got me started were, P.I.E.D, Ya it wasn’t happening all the time but with past partners it did occur on occasions, especially if I had watched porn that day or the night before it would be hard to maintain. I havent had a chance to experiment but ill say from other “symptoms” I am pretty confident i’ll be alright lol

I [also] felt a lot of shame during pmo, anxiety, and my brains habits of oversexualizing women. Not that you asked but What really drives me is the last symptom, I want to have a relationship that is deep and meaningful. I don’t see the two as compatible

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