Age 23 – I am usually very happy, and I enjoy being alive. I feel confident to approach people & talk to them.


It has been more than a while since I have been here on the forum. I had some major changes in my life and I am doing very well. I lost exact track of how many days I lived PMO-free but it is probably somewhere over 50. This is actually the first time in 15 years that I had no orgasm over such a long period of time (I didn’t even have nocturnal emissions).

How did I get this far?

  • I read the Bible and spend time in prayer every morning.
  • I started studying abroad and the studies are intense and the homework is pretty hard. That means that I am just very busy trying to learn new things.
  • I share my bedroom with another student, this definitely helps.
  • I work out every morning (except weekends)
  • I take cold showers (I think they help me being disciplined)
  • I honestly talk with a few friends about the challenges in this area.
  • I admit that I am weak in this area and that I will probably not leave this battlefield against pmo until the day I die
  • I have Covenant Eyes (Accountability Software) on every single device I use.
  • I stopped thinking about PMO, streaks etc. the whole day.

What benefits do I have?

  • No, I don’t have superpowers, but
  • I am usually very happy, and I enjoy being alive.
  • I don’t have these feelings of shame and guilt anymore.
  • I feel confident to approach people and talk to them.
  • I can be me (I don’t need to wear a mask anymore).

I am not sure whether I will come back here very frequently because I don’t want to become addicted to a forum and likes etc. but I wish you all the best. Don’t give up, it is worth the fight. Thanks to everyone for your support.

LINK – Somewhere around 50 days. Feeling good.

by yellowHedgehog