Age 23 – I can walk past a girl without being consumed with anxiety over wanting to f*** her


I’m 23, was PMOing on and off for awhile, couldn’t last for more than a week without it, the videos just wouldn’t get out of my head. I’ve educated myself more about the sickening porn industry.

  1. I’ve choked my sausage so heartily throughout the years, it’s taken the shape of an hourglass, (still hasn’t healed.)
  2. I’ve learned how to spot cheap thrills, and now realize how they rewire our brains over time.
  3. Cum smells terrible.
  4. Abstaining from PMO leads to cutting out more poor habits in our lives.
  5. I can walk past a girl without being consumed with anxiety over wanting to f*** her.
  6. I am happy for young couples, rather than envious.
  7. My conscious is clear, I don’t have to keep secrets, nor do I have a heart attack when another uses my browser.
  8. The outdoors is significantly more appealing.
  9. Camgirls are significantly less appealing.
  10. Seeing women for her character, rather than her sex appeal. (Both are normal for guys, but let’s not always allow the second one to control the [former]!)
  11. Cold showers make me feel legit
  12. Helping others on nofap while on a streak is very uplifting.
  13. Seeing so many young people like myself (millennials and even dipping into the next generation) protruding a feat of defiance against the norm of the PMO culture, and their friends who tell them that they are crazy, is very uplifting, many thanks to you all!
  14. Cash me outside
  15. How bow Dah


LINK – 60 Days, 6 Wet Dreams, 600 Urges, 16 Reasons To Keep Going (Or things that I have learned.)

By eddy_j5

UPDATE – One year ago today, I was PMOing almost daily, quitting seemed impossible… And yet at this time I have not fapped, not edged, not logged into a porn site for 150 days.

Early last December, I came across the nofap subreddit from a google search of porn addiction. The posts struck deep, but they had only scratched the surface. PMO was still happening daily.

On Christmas Eve, I watched porn and masturbated to it.

Four Days later, I set my nofap counter for the first time, to four days.

14 days later on Jan the 11th, I reset the counter after a 30 minute binge of two relapses. 18 days was the longest I had ever gone without PMO.

150 days later, I write this post. In 215 more, I’ll write another. I want the spaceship dammit!

Remember, you CAN do this. You have CONTROL over your body, your mind, your thoughts, your actions..

Do NOT run away from yourself.. Your WILL to Live must overcome your fear of Despair.