Age 23 – I feel powerful and in control


-Increased: Confidence, self-assurance, discipline, will power, energy; decreased: fatigue, self-loathing, laziness

-Bc i felt like fapping had control over me instead of the other way around. Like i couldnt help myself, i fapped compulsively. And i think porn is sick and makes the mind and the soul sick, and fapping always inevitably leads to watching porn.

-Wow.. many many years.. first started regularly watching porn i think when i was 11 years old? So maybe 12 years total then?

-Indeed, nofap for me is a way to stay away from porn. I dont think masturbating in itself is a bad habit, though I prefer to stay away from it because I find it addicting, and i think the frequency with which i tend to fap (when i do fap) affects my dopamine sensitivity and sexual sensitivity negatively. But the seriously toxic part of fapping is that it always leads to watching porn.


My previous longest streak was 130 days without fapping. On day 131 I watched porn, edged, and came, breaking my streak.

Yesterday was my 131st day in a row without fapping. Today is day 132.

I haven’t looked at porn or edged or even come close to fapping in that time frame. This is a very strong streak. I feel powerful and in control.

Calm, steady.

This is going to be a very long streak. Maybe “the” streak. The streak that never ends. Maybe I’ll never fap again while I live.

LINK – New personal best: 131 days

By i-dont-fap