Age 23 – I find women beautiful again, depression much better


Finally Day 90!! I feel more energetic, less depressed (MUCH LESS…0 :D), I see that women are more attractive (90000%) to my eyes (and I, at the same time, am more attractive to them), I feel that I have more power to do everyday things, I’m not so stuck in my head and I can socialize of easier, simpler and NATURAL way!

My goal now is 101 days (later I’ll try to do more, as always!) It was the hardest things I’ve ever done in my life. It’s difficult but it pays off! feel free to ask whatever you want! (sorry my english)

I am 23 years old. I’ve known nofap for a few years. I’ve made several attempts but none took seriously (except for a 60-day streak). This time I took it seriously because masturbation was no longer pleasurable, I felt “nothing” when I saw porn, I was completely depressed. I did not feel anything. I was disconnected from any motivation (it was all a slow and silent process). Fortunatelyit is no longer a reality.

One tip: dont overthink. Just live your life and relax. Try do things and dont worry with the rest. Trust in the journey

A few years ago, even practicing pmo, I thought that women were physically perfect beings (WITHOUT PUT THEM IN THE “PEDESTAL”)…. the skin, every trace of their body and face, all their curves, smile, eyes, breasts , legs, ass .. .with time (especially in the last few years) I was losing it and thinking that all women were the same. I was losing interest altogether. It was like: I had desire, I could make love or masturbate … but meehhh … it was not the same (and I used to be super horny! Super horny!). I think this was due to getting a “perfect” girlfriend physically – for me – and years and years of heavy PMO. Now, without PMO, I’m coming back to feel everything I felt before!!! I am fascinated with almost everything in them (girls) – WITHOUT PUT THEM IN THE “PEDESTAL”. Does anyone feel this? Thanks for the support, reddit. Thank you all! (And sorry my English xD). I’m glad I can find the woman’s body magnificent again.

LINK – Day 9×10

By LC3000