Age 23 – I plow through obstacles, make decisions quickly and confidently


I just finished day 75 and I feel great. My technique is to work on advancing life every free moment of the day. If I have an urge I just grind harder. At the end of the day I am tired and my mind is absorbed in creative thoughts.

Stagnation is my worst enemy. I must keep moving until I am ready to fall asleep every night. Then wake up and do it again. Never stop pushing.

Whenever someone has something tragic happen in their lives or are suffering from depression, the advice is given to them to immerse themselves in something. To clean the whole house. To start working out. To do volunteer work. To start a new project etc. in my experience this gives the restless mind something to grab on to so that it doesn’t spiral downward into that dark hole. While in the background, time is causing the healing to take place. Isn’t that why try to go a certain amount of time without fapping so our brains can repair.

As for being a workaholic maybe that’s true but that’s just me. I find time to spend with my family but when I’m not, I am plowing through every obstacle that gets in the way of me and my goals. I will be on top, no matter what. That passion inside of me is what I was trying to numb with porn to take the edge off.

Now the fire is raging and I found a way to harness it.

I am 23. I first saw porn at age 7. Used it on and off since about age 12. Really heavy usage from ages 12-15, 17-18, and 19-23 and most of my sessions would be long from 10pm to 4am sometimes every night.

Some other benefits:

  • I make important decisions in life more quickly and confidently without overthinking.
  • I have an easier time controlling anger.
  • More self discipline and less time wasted.
  • Better relationship with family and friends. I no longer hide away in my own mind as much.
  • Stronger willpower during workouts.

LINK – Day 75. Never Stop Moving

By protector137