Age 23 – I was VERY skeptical: even on Day 161 I’m still experiencing more and more


It’s this Empowering, Loving, Liberating energy that i have now, I still can’t believe it. And the strangest part is when I started nofap, I was VERY skeptical, which in a way worked in my favor because I DIDN’T EXPECT ANYTHING. I thought it was nonsense. But it’s these feelings all mixed together and it makes you say “No matter what happens in my life or what happens around me, I know everything will be fine, and I will keep moving forward!”

I guess you can say its a positive energy that is so overwhelming, most negative things that are outside of me don’t even affect me, and even if they do I respond accordingly to solve whatever comes my way.

And the best part about all of this is that this new energy I have just CAME NATURALLY as I continued on with Nofap.

I look in the mirror and my skin has improved and my facial hairs are darker/stronger (also because of nofap) but even I can tell I’m not what i used to be, can’t even recognize myself lol!

And even on Day 161 I’m still experiencing more and more and it’s an amazing Journey so far!

TL-DR: NoFap makes you ALOOF, POSITIVE, PROUD, EMPOWERED, LIBERATED AND YOU GROW A GENUINE LOVE FOR YOURSELF. You can say it turns you into what God/Nature intended you to be, A KING!


It definitely took a couple of months. The positive feelings which i thought was “Just me in a good mood” just got stronger and stronger to the point where it’s ALMOST ANNOYING….almost lol. Im just not used to feeling positive and empowered EVERY SINGLE DAY, but i am truly grateful! [Sexual urges] still exist, but as you learn of the importance of Retaining your life force and you sexually discipline yourself, it’s very easy  and you use that energy PRODUCTIVELY instead.

LINK – Day 161=Greatest Benefit So Far

by crazyrj14


UPDATE – Day 203 I actually cried in front of my sister

Went to my sister’s house to see how she was, we kick’n it, talking about what’s going on in our lives. Mind you, i don’t have many MEANINGFUL conversations with my older sister, they’re silly ones if anything. AND I FELT THE NEED TO TELL HER ABOUT MY NOFAP JOURNEY!

I was talking to her about my experiences/benefits. The person that i was and who i am now/who i am becoming. While i was telling my sister all this i had this OVERWHELMING sense of “GRATEFULNESS” in my heart while i was talking to my sister about this, to the point that TEARS SUDDENLY JUST KEPT DROPPING, and my sister was looking at me like I WAS CRAZY because ME AND HER ARE SEEING SOMETHING THAT NEVER HAPPENED TO ME BECAUSE I AM NOT AN EMOTIONAL PERSON!!! And what i didn’t expect internally is that i wasn’t ashamed for how i felt, i was PROUD OF IT! I smiled as i wiped my tears and my sister rushed to me and gave me the biggest hug i had in a long time.

She laughed trying not to cry and said “Life happens and i know my little brother will change as he grows and i knew something was different about you that i couldn’t put my finger on! I am so proud of you!”

And this even lead to me sharing knowledge with her, she had no idea how detrimental it was for us men to constantly watch porn+masturbate and waste our sperm!

How i felt in my heart was an insane feeling of gratefulness/happiness, and im glad i was able to share it with my sister. An experience that i will never forget.


UPDATE – Amazing experience with my family on Christmas

It was my Oldest sister and her boyfriend/his brother, my aunt, my cousin and my little cousin/nieces/nephew that commented during the party.

They all at some point told me “RJ it’s something different about you!/You becoming a man i see!” the little ones wished to play with me alot more and i enjoyed myself (and usually im not a  fan of kids, too much noise and chaos but now i can easily tolerate it!) and my oldest niece told me “Uncle RJ you look alot happier” and i just smiled the entire time lol, it was a great feeling!


UPDATE – Day:209- Benefits so far doing Nofap

  • Skin looks better
  • My eyes are brighter in color, they glow!
  • Hairs are darker/thicker
  • Less Sleep Needed/more energy throughout the day
  • Workouts more intense, can do more reps! Quicker Muscle Build
  • Metabolism has improved
  • Circulation in hands/feet has improved
  • Can tolerate cold much better
  • No more brain fog/can think clearly.
  • Can Articulate myself better
  • I can remember things better
  • HOW PEOPLE ARE AROUND ME=People are DIFFERENT around me, some can tell there is a difference with me and that my energy has changed. I give off a more positive energy that makes others comfortable and i enjoy that.
  • CONVERSING WITH OTHERS= I can have more meaningful conversations and not annoyed by people approaching me. I’m naturally introverted/keep to myself but i really been enjoying talking with others lately, and what’s more important is that it’s GENUINE!
  • CONFIDENCE=I developed a very UNIQUE confidence in myself that is WARM/HUMBLING/OVERWHELMING AT TIMES. I feel very comfortable/grounded with myself and that energy spreads to others around me. This kind of confidence in myself i never experienced within myself until i began Nofap. Or i could say that i was never TRULY confident in myself up until now. Im proud of who i am becoming!
  • LITTLE TO NO ANXIETY= i dont care what people say/think/feel (in a good way) im just worried about ME/MY LIFE/MY HAPPINESS.
  • DISCIPLINE+MENTAL FORTITUDE=Sexually disciplining myself has GENERALLY help me become disciplined in more areas of my life.
  • ENERGETIC/AMBITIOUS=INSANE urge to want to get out the house and do more things now! I want to accomplish goals ASAP!!! Which is awesome.
  • INNOCENCE= I feel like a kid again!
  • EMOTIONS=AMPLIFIED (Good and Bad) – This one i had to be careful about, because i have become a person that DOES NOT TOLERATE TRASH FROM ANYONE! So if i was ever in a position where someone was to disrespect me for any reason, they WILL get a response, but i’ve learned to express myself in a way that is not detrimental to myself! But the good news is that the POSITIVE EMOTIONS have amplified too. I appreciate all the emotions, reminds me im human, proud of it lol.
  • HOW I VIEW WOMEN= Even before nofap i was never a LUSTFUL person, but for women i was attracted to i did objectify them in my mind to a degree. Now when i look at women generally, i focus on their personality/principles/morals. I want a women i have a GENUINE CONNECTION WITH!
  • ATTRACTION FROM WOMEN- This shit is real, women can damn near SMELL YOUR NEW LIBERATING ENERGY YOU HAVE lol! Women are naturally built to detect men who have alot of Pheromones/sexual energy/testosterone in them. And it makes sense because women naturally seek HEALTHY males. We are transmitters, they are receivers of that energy! Usually i just approach women i was interested in and the rest went from there. Now women actually approach me every now and then, i AM NOT used to that lol
  • RESPECT FROM MEN- And it sounds crazy but when you build up testosterone/pheromones/sexual energy, you dont give positive vibes to just women, but EVERYONE, men included, and men, like coworkers enjoy my presence!
  • MUSIC!= I swear after doing 30+ days on nofap i feel like music is now in HD! It sounds SO MUCH BETTER, i love it!

(I’m very happy i decided to start Nofap, as skeptical as i was about all of this. I still can’t believe some of the things I’ve been experiencing! I had absolutely no expectations when i first started Nofap, i thought it was bullshit. This is an experience that, and if you are like me, is something you have to actually do & experience for yourself to believe it! But this “Challenge” has turned into a LIFESTYLE for me!)

I believe I am placed on this world to become the best version of myself and spread light to others along to way.

Before finding about NOFAP, I was dealing with negative emotions/anxiety almost daily and just a feeling internally that SOMETHING WASN’T RIGHT within me!

Based on the benefits I seen about NOFAP, if it was true it would be a MAJOR step forward for me. I was skeptical as hell but I thought “It wouldn’t hurt to give this a try” and here I am!

I’m 23.