Age 23 – I’m composing pieces every other day


I’m a composer and found myself struggling constantly just to write one track. Now, I’m composing multiple pieces every other day. Currently got multiple tracks running through my head and my multi-tasking has improved tremendously. So glad I discovered this.

Some advice on how to get rid of an addiction; come up with a new healthy one. On my first couple weeks, I didn’t eat but once a day at dinner and when the urges start coming up again I bring back the fasting when needed. Makes you appreciate food a lot more. I now try to get my dopamine only from stuff like composing and healthy habits.

It may seem like masturbation is a healthy habit, but in reality it’s destroying your lifestyle. The way you act towards your family. The numbness you feel around things that should excite you. It’s truly an awful thing to carry around. After fighting 10 years of the PMO habit, I can say I feel amazing. I know not everyday will come easy. But I will certainly be stronger when the challenges come.

To the people who are struggling to do this, I recommend fighting the P off first. Unplug the router. Spend time with your friends and family. Be active. And when the urges come to you to masturbate, take deep breaths to calm them. I’ve found that holding my breath does a pretty good job at tiring the urges. My current record is 2 minutes.

Think of your journey like climbing a mountain. It’s the hardest mountain you will ever climb and you may find yourself come close to falling at times. And when you do, wipe the dust off and get climbing again. The rewards you get when you reach higher and higher is worth it.

The motivation you get alone from doing this makes those 5 minutes of pleasure appear worthless. Stay strong, my friends! 🙂 If no one has shown you love in life, let yourself know that I love you and only wish the best for you. Become a better individual and inspire others to do the same.

I decided to use nofap when I saw the results someone else had using it. That someone else being another composer friend of mine. I had another profile on here before, but decided to unplug for a bit and rethink my life. I now mainly use the internet for purposes like this. Also I’m 23.

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By JourneyofJoey