Age 23 – I’m seeing a whole bunch of benefits; benefits mentally, physically, and spiritually


I’m seeing a whole bunch of benefits; benefits mentally, physically, and spiritually. Mental benefits: Better focus, more courage, more free time, increased social drive and much, much more self-confidence.

Physical benefits: Since 1/1 of this year, I’ve lost 8 lbs, and most of it seems to be fat. My skin is much clearer, my dandruff is practically gone, my hair looks dope and grows a lot better, and I could swear my face looks a little more manly, but that could just be from fat loss.

Spiritual: I’ve started meditating and taking cold showers, so I’ve been able to reach a state of mind of peace andimprove my discipline. I’m an atheist, so my spiritual well-being is not tied to a higher deity, but I could understand how one who does believe in a religion could come to a closer bond with their god.

And honestly, there are just so many more benefits to NoFap; I wish I had discovered it sooner.

So when I started my NoFap journey on the first, I thought of myself as a man with a masturbation problem. A week later, I thought of myself as someone who doesn’t masturbate. Now, I think of myself as a lot of things; masturbation doesn’t even come to my mind. I’m far from finished with my journey, but that mental change goes a long way, I think. Still haven’t reset or relapsed, which I’m proud of, but if that day comes I still have made excellent progress on myself.

LINK – My mind is changing. In a good way.

by grippedtodeath