Age 23 – Improved mood, memory & focus, Completely lost my fear of rejection, More relaxed

I’m 23 years old guy, and I always struggled with sexuality and masturbation, and the huge guilt feelings that followed from PMO. I spent my teenage years depressed and pretty lonely, it was a gradual decline of my mood that started probably since I first masturbated, at age 13.

So, a few days ago I reached day 29. Also, before that, this summer I “won” the “big” 90-day challenge (and this summer was the best I had since childhood! I even “lost my virginity”. Not that this should be your main objective if you are considering NoFap…

Here are some benefits I noticed:

  • Improved mood
  • Greater desire to meet other people (especially girls). Before I was scared to death of rejection, and had almost no experience in being one-on-one with a girl.. Two weeks ago we hung out (friendly) in the evening and had an awesome time. I even mentioned that I was free for a relationship in case she was interested. She said “I’ll consider that”.
  • Completely lost my fear of rejection
  • Better productivity in study and greater focus.
  • Improved memory, especially visual
  • Complete indifference as to what the other people think of me… My whole life I always struggled with this, so much that I would look around while talking to a girl and this felt embarrassing… It’s a problem in my whole family anyway.
  • Deeper voice
  • More relaxed around everybody. I also noticed how my body moves less when talking, feels much calmer
  • Greater sense of entitlement, and connection with my inner self love
  • Improved lucidity in dreams

I also started regular meditation, at least twice a day, about 10 minutes a sitting.

The only problem is if I relapse. A few days ago I felt horny landing on a porn picture, and felt really awful for the following two days.. But now I’m on day 4 again, and feel much better already. I think the main motivator is the shitty feeling I get when I relapse, I get close to feeling suicidal… That’s the “old” me coming to the surface.

But I also feel so better faster, day 5 feels like day 20 when I started my first NoFap challenge. So it’s definitely true that you don’t lose your progress if you relapse.

Keep up the good work NoFap, and Fapstronauts, it’s well worth it!

My challenge is now 1 year… Sounds very difficult, but I can make it! Always get up after every fall, it’ll get easier every time!

LINK – Benefits in day 29

by powerd992