Age 23 – Improvements in brain, energy, motivation, confidence, and relationships

23 single male, work for myself, contracting services to create websites and software to businesses, also do some caddying on the side (but that is more of a hobby). Workout 3-4x a week (shoutout to /r/leangains) with some yoga in between.

Energy: My energy levels are pretty good. They are certainly increased from day 0. I have the desire to go out and do more in the world. My mind also wants to do more than 3-4 days/week at the gym, whereas before I was just barely able to make time for myself to go 3 days/week.  

Confidence: My confidence is much better than it was at day 0. I would be very concerned about how people reacted to what I said and the way I would word it, but now I feel confident in my speech, even when a word may go missing for a second.  

Relationships: My relationships within my personal circle has been good for some time, but now I am seeing new ways to make those connections even tighter. In terms of new relationships, I do not as often find myself at conversation dead ends. Even when I do hit these end-spots, they do not seem so awkward and I am able to go about whatever next comes into my head.  

Dating: This is my one knock, or snag, in my 90-day journey. I had Tinder & OKC accounts in the beginning, kicking the Tinder about half-way through. I have been on 3 or 4 dates from these so far and they were mostly mediocre. One positive after a date: I am able to sift through my mind of what I liked, what I did not like, and what I am ultimately looking for. My problem comes in with the amount of time and effort that comes into using these sites. I’m not sure about how the whole idea sits with my head. Online dating has always seemed kind of foreign to me. Getting rid of it is likely to make me feel even better than I do now.

Overall Take-Away:

  • My brain does well when removing PMO.
  • The problem is not the world, the problem is the way you look at it.
  • Love and take care of your future-self.
  • “There are so many worse things happening in the world right now” – a good way to look at things whenever in need of perspective.
  • Probably should move away from the online dating scene, and start talking to girls/people in the wildy.

 I certainly feel very good about myself to have gone 90 days of nofap. This is the first time I have done so in over a year.

TL;DR: NoFap = Good (Energy + Confidence + Relationships)  

LINK – 90 day report…feels pretty, pretty, pretty good

by yanks4