Age 23 – Increased confidence, more sociable, less prone to anxiety and depression

I’m 23 years of age, will be 24 next week. I’ve gained tons of benefits from avoiding porn altogether and lots of confidence, I think my streak days also increased my confidence.

I’m less insecure, less prone to anxiety and depression although it does happen once in a while, not as much as before. I’m becoming more sociable, I can make prolonged eye contact with both sexes….The list goes on and on. Nothing but benefits, the effects of self-displine outweight compulsions every single time.

I knew when I began this journey that my intent was to be as honest as possible with myself as well as others; I knew that I wanted to change and benefit from self-discipline and restraint so I took it upon myself to venture out into the world and confront all the self-imposed obstacles I had created throughout my life.

I did not relapse with any media or material that would induce arousal, I fapped and decided to reset my counter. I count it as a relapse and I’m sure the members of this subreddit do as well, it feels right that I’ve reset it so I fully intend on commencing my journey as I have before while keeping track of the 108 days I went without porn.

I have learned a ton about myself during these past 3 months, one being that a disciplined mind is a mind of achievement. I have never been more disciplined during these past few months in my entire life and thus, I’ve learned and gained a lot of skills. I was hungry for this change, I wanted it, I needed it.

So with that being said, my birthday is within the next week and I want to incorporate this with my goal for the next year of my life. I know in my earlier days of coming to this subreddit, I was always inspired by people who made it to 100-200+ days in streaks so I wanted to thank this subreddit and participants for being there to strengthen my momentum and motivating me to go out there and do the thing not many people dare to do. This subreddit is the reason I started and continue to pursue this lifestyle.

I did feel like binging but I’m getting out of the house very shortly to just get my mind off of it, tomorrow counts as day 0 as a reset in my journey and day 109 without porn.

I look forward to seeing who I become within the next year or so.

Cheers for now as there’s a ton of work to be done. 🙂

LINK – 108 days later and relapsed.

By LovingVance