Age 23 – I’ve achieved more in the last 9 month than in my entire life, clear thinking, great health

I’ve achieved more in the last 9 month than in my entire life. I had the biggest progress in my passions – Graphic design, Freestyle football, workout/healthy lifestyle but also in social life. Insane amount of energy, will, confidence, creativity, vitality etc…

You can check my IG to get the idea of my hyperactivity: (I used to play games all day long)

There is very a relevant book about No-PMO – Taoist Secrets of Love. Highly recommend downloading it.

Thanks for reading, ask anything you want! 🙂

Before: I had like 3 very sexually oriented relationships, the sex was good, but I as a person was weak, beta… also I didn’t have any real connection with girls (actually with anyone), they were mainly for sex. (I think porn made me feel like that) Also there was very little chance that I would aproach girl I like and talk to her. (low self-confidence)

After: I started No-PMO 2 months after breakup, It was the best opportunity to go monk-mode. Right now I feel like the opposite of myself, I make long eye contacts even with random girls and with girl-friends that I didn’t notice before, they look at me completely differently. The looks some girls give me, that’s unreal, it’s in them, they have this energy, they can’t drain themself as much as men with the PMO.

But I am on a journey now, I want to do 1 year complete monk mode, no girlfriend, I want to invest my time in me and progress as a person. Relationship is very time consuming and fucking random girls doesn’t make sense to me anymore either. I want to use my most precious thing on “the one”. I also don’t think that out of 3,5 bilion people, there is just “the one” for you. That wouldn’t make sense, by “the one” I meant someone with whom I really make connection on a deeper level than just good sex and same taste of memes.

it was not smooth, I edged here and there, had 2 wet dreams, but never relapsed. I absolutely understand you, if there wasn’t for Wim Hof Method, /r/nofap, my passions, books and other ways to calm the urges, I wouldn’t be able to do it for so long.

nofap alone … will “reset” you in a way. Remember that sperm contains really complex material, one load can populate whole america, that’s why the cost of making this magical fluid takes a lot from your mental/physical and spiritual self over time.

The longer you watched porn, the longer it may take, but it will come. I was very insecure and had poor relationships even with my mother, but it completely turned.

1) Wim Hof Method is killer – or just cold exposure (showers, baths)

2) Workout – use that sexual energy to your benefit – try some daily push ups challenge at home for example

3) This one is dangerous – I used to edge to the point where I was so scared that I would relapse, that the adrenaline gave me enough “high” to stop

4) Try to do something new/exciting, almost anything is less destructive than PMO (new hobby, skill, books…)

I used a lot of that PMO energy to get better at my passions

5) Take a nap

6) Athene’s Click (logic as a core value – it doesn’t make sense to relapse) and this thread

At the beginning it may seem like an unecessary torture, I was like “ok, let’s try 3 months and then just occasionaly fap to stay sexually relevant or some shit” haha. But every time I wanted to relapse, I looked at this thread, or remembered that depressed/beta feel afterwards, being literally drained after few “sessions” of questionable porn and was like “naah, I can go longer, let’s see the benefits”

And oh boy the benefits came (unlike me)

Again, for additional motivation try 30 pages of the book I recommended.

It’s not like I wanted to stop, I want to play games even now, just the good old feel… but i CAN’T lol, nothing is good enough, I just can’t enjoy gaming, for the last 4 months I haven’t played anything, because it just doesn’t make sense anymore, I’d rather progress irl now.

I’m 23, started few days after learning about no-PMO to get those benefits – to become better version of myself and yes, it was my first streak.

I believe I’m still not fully “reprogrammed”, but some other benefits are: the social interactions are way better, I enjoy the little things, more focus, better senses, clear thinking (no brain fog), health level is just ridiculous at this point, u get less tired – better regeneration etc. there are plenty of thread listing just benefits, I agree with most of them. 🙂

LINK – 300 Days – Godmode

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