Age 23 – I’ve been doing NoFap on and off for a few years now, and it really has done wonders for me


I’ve been doing NoFap on and off for a few years now, and it really has done wonders for me. The benefits that most people report of when they start doing this is more confidence, energy, and charisma. I’ve felt these benefits too, and they give me more than enough reason to continue doing this. For me though, one of the best benefits that it has and transformed my life over these years, was that it gave me the drive I needed to go out and do things with my life.

Before NoFap, I’d usually fap once or twice a day, because I thought it was healthy and that I would stress myself out if I didn’t have a release. (In hindsight though, since I was releasing to myself I never really had much drive to go out there and meet girls to make anything happen anyways.) I’d go to my internship, go home and fap, then play video games. I didn’t have many friends cause I didn’t socialize much, but I was okay with that because at the end of the day I had my PMO, alcohol and video games. Then when I would socialize with people it’d feel forced, and that would stress me out more and lead me to want to depend more on these vices. My POV in life was to just do things that would give me instant gratification.

I don’t remember how it was exactly that I found out about NoFap, but I thought it was interesting so I wanted to give it a shot. I do remember throughout my week, I’d start feeling higher highs, and lower lows. I’d have the biggest urge to flirt with girls around me, but then there are days where I would just wanna cry for no reason. I didn’t feel so numb to life anymore, and it was scary.

Over time I had to look for other venues to get my dopamine. I would love the dopamine rush I’d get from exercise, so I started doing that more often when I was stressed. I focused more on good habits too, I started cooking more, and studying more. Because those things made me happy.

Then at some point, socializing with people didn’t feel like work anymore.

NoFap shifted my mindset from instant gratification, to depending on good habits in life to make myself feel good. Naturally I got away from drinking and video games throughout this process, I didn’t feel a need for them anymore.

I love this movement and the community behind it. There are people out there that can really use something like this to get their life back on track, I’m just lucky I stumbled upon this by accident. Thank you for helping enhance my life, and helping me feel like I have a purpose again.

LINK – My Journey On NoFap

by Pucho92


3 MONTHS EARLIER – How NoFap changed my life for the better.

Growing up I was always a quirky kid, full of energy and was able to do well in school. I made lots of friends in elementary and middle school, and started dating girls early in my life. It was all great, but throughout the years I noticed I started to become more shy, awkward and I was having more trouble making friends. Around high school I started to lose a majority of my friends, and I felt very awkward and anxious around most of the people that weren’t in my small circle of friends. I didn’t hit it off with the ladies almost at all around this time either, but I thought this was normal for most people so I just shrugged it off.

Around this time I remember my mom telling me how she met my dad when they were young. My parents were both born and raised in Cuba, and growing up in the 70’s there meant little to no electronics or porn. There probably was some porn, but I doubt it was anywhere as easy as it was to get like here. The point of saying this was that my mom would tell me that I remind her of my dad, saying he was very smart, and full of energy and ambition. But she also mentioned that he loved to socialize, and that he was a huge flirt and dated countless girls growing up. That would leave me wondering why he was this charismatic growing up but I wasn’t, or anyone I knew for that matter.

After high school I moved to the city with my sister, there I took up a part-time job and started going to college too. I still made some friends, but I was still kinda awkward. I also never flirted at all with anyone, it was a mixture of not feeling like I needed too because I would just PMO whenever I wanted some, and I always felt too weird trying to flirt with girls. It’s not that I didn’t want to, it’s just that I didn’t know how. I looked at PUA a bit to help, but it didn’t really get me anywhere. I also started drinking more and smoking around this time too, and didn’t really have ambition to get stuff done. I almost dropped out of college too. I was depressed about life in general and would drink, play video games and PMO almost daily, after work or school. I noticed other people were more social than me, but I didn’t know why they could and I couldn’t.

Then one day I ran into this NoFap movement.

I tried it a couple of times at first, lasting 1-2 weeks. What I would notice is that in those first couple of weeks, I’d feel like I was going nuts. I remember on the second day of a streak I just started crying for no reason, I think it’s because I had so many emotions covered under layers of PMO and other bad habits. I remember lying in bed wondering if this challenge was even worth it, because of how crazy my mood swings would get. I chose to stick with it, and slowly I emerged out of that period. Almost immediately I noticed I was more sociable, much more ambitious, and I had no problem looking people in the eye and speaking about anything.

It was crazy how well my life started becoming simply because I gave up porn and fapping. I naturally started to get away from drinking and playing video games, without giving it much effort. I felt much more productive, and felt I was fast tracking my career. It had it’s hills and bumps, but it was definitely worth it. As for the benefits, I became very sociable, got along with everyone, almost completely lost that fear I had of speaking with people I didn’t know. I worked in retail for a bit, and my coworkers always thought I would flirt with female customers. I didn’t even feel like I was flirting though, I was just chatting with them normally. I felt much more comfortable in my own skin, got back into dating and really became confident in myself again.

Fast forward to now, I’m 23 years old with a job in my career making $50k a year, have an amazing girlfriend, and happy with all the success that I’ve had. I feel like I now understand how my dad was so charismatic growing up, because he didn’t have porn to mess him up mentally like a lot of people are growing up today. I feel like NoFap and the support of all you guys played a big part in how I got to where I am today. So thank you everyone, I feel like I’m now living life the way I should have.