Age 23 – I’ve never felt this capable of being happy


This has been a harrowing journey guys, as I have a girlfriend and was a 4 time/day PMOer from age 13 till now (I’m 23). I’ve never felt this capable of being happy. During my tenure as a rampant PMO-er I felt hopeless to the point of not realizing that any other feeling was possible. For the first time since puberty I don’t feel like that.

I still look at girls in public and think damn wouldn’t it be nice, however my NoFap journey has revealed to me that sex was doing nothing for me but providing momentary pleasure. I know this has been beaten to death here, but I often find a wealth of inspiration and truth in phrases that have been beaten to death, despite the fact that the tendency is to disregard them as a result.

Either way I’ll stop rambling now, checking this sub got me through the first 30 days pretty well, but I found I didn’t need it in the last 30 days, and that the momentum I had built was enough to carry me there. Hardmode is a beast guys, it’s difficult and most people will probably fail multiple times before making it to 90 days. I (not a person with an abundance of willpower) somehow did it with the help of this sub and some friends. It’s set the course for the biggest and most meaningful change I’ve yet to experience in my life, and I wish you all luck in your own journeys.

As has been stated multiple times here by other fapstronauts NoFap isn’t enough, you have to put work into your life if you want to shape it.

LINK – 90 Days Hardmode complete

by FutureDeity