Age 23 – Lost 25kg of fat, eye contact has improved, my character has grown immensely


I’m happy to say that I reached 180 days of Nofap, and wow guys my life made a 180º turn. I started changing my diet, started meditating and also do cold showers when i need the energy. I’ve never relapsed since I’ve started my journey and I lost 25kg of bodyfat.

I was always realy anxious around people especially women, but also to close friends from time to time.

I feel healthy and energized every morning I used to sleep 4-6 hours now it’s more like 7-9 🙂

My eyecontact skills improved drastically. When I’m talking with someone I can feel their attraction towards me because I’m holding eye contact and I’m currently trying to practice Eye contact with strangers, like when you are in public transportation or in bars, while you dont talk with someone. It’s great!

I used to be a pervert and oversexualize everyone and everything, I made cringy jokes and always was realy shallow. With this journey my character has grown immensely.

If you have any questions ask them, I’ll answer them! Nofap is a long term solution for many of our Problems, so keep pushing 🙂 Every fucking acconplishment in this half a year is based on nofap 🙂 I stopped playing video games tho and I use my freetime better 🙂 I like to cook so i always make my things fresh and cook around 1 hour everyday after work.

I think masturbation in moderation is not realy that bad. Porn is the bad thing here .

Don’t get me wrong, if you have an addictive personality or had issues with PMO you should probably keep doing Nofap.

Also if you want the benefits of semen retention then you should keep doing Nofap aswell. 🙂

Nofap is like a catalyst for other great things. There were people here posting about this metaphor that nofap is like taking away thr handcuffs which hold you in place. You still need to stand up and fight fot the things you want 🙂

When i stopped PMO I immediately had so much energy and my body didnt now what to do with it, if you transmute this sexual energy in something great it sill only benefit you 😉

6 Months ago I was putting women on a pedestal. I was oversexualize them on a daily basis.

Now I can see through there outer facade and also see their character and I’m often shocked by the difference between ther outer and inner beauty.

Since i realized that im way more calm around womrn becaus they ain’t perfect, no one is 😉

I had alot of up and downs. My first flatline hit me hard.. All the emotions which were buried under all these years of emotional mutilation where coming to surface and i cried for the first time since i was like 11 (im 23 now).

I realy enjoyed it though because i always felt something was wrong with me, I have choked my feelings for over a decade. Which ironically started with PMO.

[How did I lose weight?] To be honest with intermittent fasting. First step was to stop drinking soda or juice, just everthing with sugar. After that I stopped eating sweets and other unhealthy food.

And i slowly started my intermittent fasting routine. I began by dimply skipping breakfast and after a few weeks i skipped lunch aswell. Thr nice thing is you van eat as much as you want in your eating window and you have so mucj energy when you got used to it. Think abou it, your body does not need to digest the all day long. 🙂 Keep in mind that changing your diet completely from one day to the other makes it realy unnecessary hard and you probably go back to your old habit when your willpower is exhausted. Try small steps start with drinking only water for 1 month and plan in some cheatdayys like every Friday you go get a beer sith your frienda but after that get back to the routine. And if you feel like you dont need to put any effort into that you go for the next thing. Small changes, big outcome.

I’ve talked with quite a bit of people about nofap and everyone is jokingly accepting the fact that it’s normal and healthy to madturbate and watcj porn.

I think with this new generation growing up with so much possibilities in indulging inhigh internet pornography, thr outcome of this will be devastating.

LINK – 180 days | What a lifechanger!

By NoFapMasilo