Age 23 – More confident, Not intimidated to get in an argument, Calmer, Voice range widened, Music sounds better


Hey guys. I’m planning to share all the practical stuff I’ve ever learned thanks to Nofap after I fully recovered. But for now, I want to put some of them to crack up some inspiration for who are seeking for that. Please think for a second and visualize how amazing it will be when you earn any of these.

  • You’ll start to stand on your point. You won’t intimidated to get into an argumentation and protect your rights. Also you’ll do this without being arrogant. *My comment: *Whole my life I preferred to not to get into an argument irl. All of my argumentations was on the internet. In real life, I’d shut up and listen them and make them feel superior over me (even if I don’t seem to accept it) but recently I started to standing on my point. Results are interesting; every time I do this, thing go well. When they feel my self-belief, they shut up asap ^
  • Music feels much better than before. This one is hard to explain but it sounds much different in a better way. Feels like you are listening best live performances in the world when you turn up a random music.
  • You’ll have more thick beard & hair. It was after couple months I noticed my beard feels kinda dry not because I don’t maintain it but because it hardened. I have thick hair and beard naturally but even I noticed the change.
  • You will be calm af. My comment: I am meditating over a year and it helps a lot in every aspect but this calmness I earned with Nofap is a thing I could never get via meditating. It is like, no matter what happens I will be calm and be in control, period.
  • Your voice range widens. And maybe your music ear develops significantly. You naturally have some sound range and if you try to speak at deeper tone, it may seem unnatural but after Nofap, you can go much deeper (in tone ofc) easily. You may even don’t need warm-up your voice. It also applies for high notes too. My comment: I’ve been working on music moderately for almost a decade but never developed a good singing practice and music ear before. Though, recently I’ve realized significant increase in both, more than what I developed in years.
  • You will be confident soab. My comment: Yesterday at night, I was sitting on a bus and there was no empty seats, a girl got into bus and wanted to sit next to me, lol. She sat and our butts were touching lol. There are two reasons why one would feel tension in this situation: First, we were in each others ‘comfort zone’ – we were so close – and she was a good looking girl. If I did not get into Nofap thing, my heart rate would skyrocket but I was so chill like everyday a random girl is sitting next to me (which is not true, lol).
  • Probably the #1 superpower: Because you managed to overcome one of the hardest things in the world, you’ll start to accomplish countless other things. As a man, we have to create. Create our own life, make our dream come true. Business, relationships, travelling, sport… All of these will need your willpower. You can start with motivation but you need strong willpower to persist. Now because you’re beating the devil of PMO every single day, you are leveling up your willpower. And this power will be with you whole your life. You can use your overdeveloped willpower to create your dream life, easily.

Hope this will help some of you guys to stay on the course and live the life you want.

LINK – Dropping some superpowers for inspiration

by thesuperiorblack