Age 23 – More energy, focus, drive, better communication with women, sleep, overall health, deeper voice

I am about halfway through 90 days of no PMO. I used to PMO upwards of 8-9 times a day at my worst. Since cutting out PMO, the benefits have been immense. Some of benefits include more energy, more focus, more drive, better communication with women, more confident, better sleep, better overall health, deeper voice, more motivation to take care of myself, less anxiety, better toning of my body, and general increase in my confidence, charisma, and power.

A few weeks ago, I was in Las Vegas for a week for a couple of conferences. I met many beautiful girls there, and was able to maintain conversations and even got to hang out with a few of them afterwards! Even though I didn’t get “lucky,” I felt as though I was making really good progress. Prior to NoFap, I would be shy and anxious of meeting girls, or even telling them I though they were cute/pretty/beautiful. Now its no big deal at all. I am able to deal with rejection from women now much better than ever.

Over the past couple days, I have been feeling an incredible sexual drive. One of the girls I met in Las Vegas is coming down to visit this weekend, and one of the last things she said to me before she had to leave was “I promise I’ll take your virginity when I visit.” I just wanted to get your guys advice on how to make the experience enjoyable for her based on my inexperience.

I’m 23.

LINK – On nofap for 40+ days and might be losing virginity this weekend

by ilovesubway2018