Age 23 – My anxiety is fading, lost 134 pounds

Today after 5 years of not being able to have an orgasm because of self esteem issues and masking pain with self inflicted pleasure, I had an orgasm from plain, boring, guy-girl, missionary, standard sex. I would “finish” but the sensation could barely be called an orgasm. Now that I’ve done nofap/limitedfap, orgasms are mind blowing. Lol

I’ve lost from 404 lbs to 270. I’ve started giving myself limits on masturbation, only 1 time a week. And, I also stopped watching porn completely.

After high school, I couldn’t go to college for a few reasons, mostly money problems.

My anxiety issues are fading, and I’m applying to schools now. I’m so excited for life. I know I can do anything.

My advice. 1. Workout however much you can. Anything is better than nothing. 2. Cut out porn 3. Limit masturbation 4. Feel alive 5. Welcome that new confidence

It is that easy.


It really does help with anxiety. There is a mental wall that you will get to. It will make you stir crazy, act like a completely different person, and even more anxious. That’s when being strong is key. If you can control yourself and keep your streak going (whatever kind it may be) you will be forced to address the real issues that are holding you back. My weight was my killer. I started making small steps to control it. Then the confidence came.

Masturbation and Porn are coping mechanisms. They dull how you think so you don’t have to experience the deep parts of yourself that need to be addressed to really live and feel. You may not see it now, but if you stay strong, you will find the part of you that needs to be nurtured. I suggest taking a walk everyday with no headphones. Just walk. Give it a try! It’s amazing how something so simple can show us so much about ourselves. You will think about everything on this walk. Listen to where your thoughts go. They will never lie to you.



by itworkedformeee