Age 23 – My confidence in myself is really high

  • I have been doing a hardmode for about 60 days, the first weeks were hard, but then I didn’t think about it. I don’t look at girls , I reduced my exposure to nudity in TV, movies , Netflix, on the streets.

  • I use sleeping pills to fall a sleep right away when I go to bed, I also use it to stop fantasizing before sleeping and that helped me to stop wet dreams

  • My confidence is really high, I don’t mean that bullshit about girls because I never had problems there, but I mean confidence in my self not screwing up, and the fact that I can get a grip on my life.

  • My Johnson is on a flat line for the past three weeks which is awesome because I am on hardemode. The muscle defineltly looks stronger and stiffer.

Anyway , I am doing this for life, eventually after a six month hardmode I plan to hit the market again.

I am 23.

LINK – 60 Days Hardmode ; Sleeping pills ; Wet dreams ; Confidence ; my Johnson’s Health

by regainthepower