Age 23 – No more anxiety, cheerful, confident, attractive to women

Here are the effects, consequences and disadvantages when I fap 2-3 times a week, once a week, or even once every two weeks:

  • huge anxiety (huge comparing to my confidence on nofap…)
  • horribly greasy hair
  • I become sweaty easily
  • balding fast as f..k – I can literally see my hairline receding after PMO – no joking… (not everyone, but many, experience that – there’s different resistance to dihydrotestosterone among men)
  • no energy at all – I’d sit all day in my room and eat junk food, that’s all
  • blurry, reddish eyes
  • afraid of looking ppl in the eyes
  • afraid of future, I often start to overthink many bad aspects of life and my past
  • bored and tired of everything
  • I don’t want to go anywhere to meet anyone, to do anything (when I nofap I can get up at 6 a. m. and go jogging, what I really do – crazy, isn’t it?)
  • very cold hands and feet during colder months
  • sleepy 90% of the time and the list goes on…

Everything I’ve listed in my posts isn’t an exaggeration, these are just facts, I’ve experienced all this and to be honest I don’t care, what ppl think about it :). It’s all up to them. If you’re looking for more testimonials from ppl from all around the world just click “top” tab and choose “links from: all time”.

Remember that every of us is different, but usually first so called “superpowers” launch after 6-12 days. I’d say that the best challenge to try nofap for the first time is 30-50 days or… forever.

I’m pretty tired of convincing ppl that PMO has a HUGE impact on a man’s life, but if only 1 person on this planet will leave PMO forever thanks to my posts – that would be one of the best achievements of my life 😉


And the benefits:

Benefits of my 60-70 day abstinence (hard mode):

  • no more anxious
  • great, great confidence
  • I look straight in the eyes of other ppl
  • full of energy
  • no greasy hair, no falling hair (even regrowth!)
  • clear mind
  • better memory
  • nice skin, clear eyes and this fire in the eyes (who nofapped that knows what i mean)
  • no more cold hands and feet
  • women “accidentaly” touched me in everyday situations and of course so many of them looked at me in the street (they really feel the difference – magic)
  • smiling 90% of the time, cheerful
  • more easy-going
  • talking to people seems to be so easy (not only women, but here the change is the most “spectacular”)
  • much more open-minded to new ideas, plans and the list goes on…”

It’s hard to say, how long I’ve been experimenting with NoFap. My first serious nofap was, when I was 21 (60-70 day streak). I PMOed once a week/two weeks since that time, but unfortunately I was edging pretty often, there were days, when I edged for a few hours watching P every day. I noticed the benefits and negatives listed above, when I was a teenager, but I wasn’t quite sure, if they occurred because of nofap.

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