Age 23 – PIED cured. Clear mindset, more confident and professional, motivated to talk to girls, spontaneous erections are back


I had never heard of nofap until I talk to this guy. I had just decided to quit masturbating on my own ten days prior. I just told him about feeling exhausted these days, and he told me about nofap randomly. He thought that I would think he was crazy, but honestly I felt like it was a blessing.

This is my fifth attempt, but my longest. My first time trying nofap technically was not nofap. I had already quit pmo 10 days prior and a stranger and I struck up a conversation and he told me about his success with nofap and I figured “Hey why not”. Anyway that streak lasted 40 days, but it was a great learning experience and introduced me to the community. Long story short I went back to old ways, with a few 3-15 day streaks in between. I came to a to a strong revelation about a lot of things in my life and realized it was time to quit on July 7th, and now here I am at day 70…..I feel good as fuck.

I have more problems with Masturbation then porn, but I am through with both. After day 25 of this streak my urges for both were gone. I won;t lie, although I do not look down on people who look at porn and or fap (We all are here because we been there), but personally I now mentally associate myself fapping with something that I will not condone and the idea disgusts me.

I am getting a lot of benefits. I have a more clear mindset, and I find myself doing more around the house. I feel more confident and professional. I have always been good at talking to girls, but now WOAH. I appreciate different things about women, and I can honestly say that I understand them more. I also have more motivation to talk to girls now, which was something I lost back in February after a break up.

The Big kicker is now, I am getting boners throughout the day. My erections still aren’t as frequent or hard as I want them to be but they are much more better now. I never thought I would miss getting an awkward boner in class.

Lastly with 90s days soon approaching I am both excited, but determined. I have been pmoing since I was very young, so I am very happy to have kicked it and completed the nofap challenge. But I know I have more days to go it, and I can expect me a little longer then 90 days to fully reboot. But even still outside of reboot, I have no interest to pmo again.

23, Masturbated since I was 4. Used porn heavily around age 11.

LINK – Day 70 reflections and benefits: So close to 90 and the return of awkward boners.

by Hardcore350


UPDATE  – After 207 days of nofap, my PIED is cured(I had sex). I will also share tips on how I both completed the 90days(with past threads I started on this board). Also PIED is 50% mental.

Be careful there is one part where I go into the sexual experience and it might trigger those of you at risk of relapse. I marked it with BOLD LETTERS

Ok first things first, I started NOFAP July 7th 2016 and experienced all the benefits (confidence/happiness/better with women/more focus/more erections). I started nofap because from 2014-2015 I could not maintain an erection during intercourse with women. I want to start this thread by thanking this community for all the education and support. I was never a severe porn addict, but masturbating had consumed so much of my life. I randomly met a dude who told me about nofap at a bar, he thought that I would think he was crazy, but I listened to every word and it paid off. In the end 207 days feels like nothing, considering it has given me my sex life back (my PIED was gone before 207 days, but that is how long it took to prove it).

Even though I had completed the 90 day challenge (took me 4 tries) and received the benefits(my life has improved more then I could have imagined and it still is… not give up). I still was afraid to have sex, because I had the fear that I would suffer the embarrassment of PIED once again which haunted me from 2014-2015 and that I was not sure if my streak had me cured yet. Although I had still been fooling around with girls (making out/foreplay) I had not sealed the deal. I am a very see it before I believe it type of person, so until I actually experienced sex I still feared the risk of PIED.

That is why I believe that PIED is 50% mental. I know for a fact that years of PMO got me into this boat, but even as I reaped the benefits of nofap I had the fear that I could not maintain an erection during sex….because I still had the fear. That is why in my past threads when I was around day 120, I was asking if anyone still experienced PIED around this point. Anyway here is the story where I proved to MYSELF that I was cured.

Anyway a couple nights ago (I am actually on day 216), I flirted with an attractive women at a concert and things got heavy. We decided to go back to her place to have sex. Both of us were in our right minds, but we had been drinking, so that increased my anxiety. Alcohol is a boner killer for me, so that was another source of sexual anxiety (my second experience with PIED happened while I was drunk, so I was still traumatized from that).

This part is very important, and I recommend this to anyone before they have sex; even if you do not have PIED. I DRUNK A SHIT TON OF WATER. I wrote this in a post I did on this board earlier, how I increased my morning wood/sporadic erections by drinking water and it helps trust me.

Anyway I drink four glasses of water when we got to her place. It was freezing that night, so I asked her to turn on the heat in her room and she did. Anyway we take our clothes off and start making out. I start by fingering her and sucking her breast and I get slightly aroused. She then gives me oral sexs and that increases my erection, but my anxiety is still keeping me from getting to the right level (you know what I mean). Then it hits me…’s all in my head.

I lay back change my mental self talk, and just focus on enjoying the moment. I tell the girl I hadn’t been sexually active for awhile(which is true 2 years……YIKES) but I don’t go into specifics, I just tell her that is why I am slow to start up. She understands and I just focus on the moment. I play music that I like, play with her body in ways we both like, and just relax. I know reading this it sounds like this took a long time, but honestly this was only 5 minutes into us taking our clothes off(sexual anxiety makes things feel longer and more dire then they really are).

After the five minutes it took me to relax, I gently stroke my penis, and boom after two years of hibernation the black snake is ready to make this women moan(I am black hahaha). I pound the shit out of her in multiple positions, and honestly my sexual ability had not slowed down in those two years(I had a very active sex life before PIED, so you know those two years were hard 😉 ).


We started with her on top for about 15 minutes, and although I enjoyed it; she thought it was boring. So I told her to turn around, and we went reverse cowgirl. This position drove her crazy for a good 10 minutes, and then DRUMROLL she fucking SQUIRT. That was when it really hit me that I was cured, seeing that ass bounce up and down on top of me, and then seeing her pull off and squirt….honestly made me tear up a bit(Guys cry during sex too). We did two or three other positions, and she had multiple orgasms but I was still gearing to go. The sex felt good, but I ended up rubbing one out on top of her(it still takes me a long time to ejaculate). Either or I went to sleep with her that night, feeling like my mission had finally been completed.


I honestly think that my PIED was cured a lot sooner, but the longer I stayed on nofap the better (I am still continuing my streak). I was able to have sex and make her orgasm multiple times, and I had a moment of clarity after I orgasmed. I put a lot of pressure on my penis, and I could see it (you know when you go a long time without fapping and then when you do, your foreskin is all stretched and chaffed). Back when I PMOed from age 5-23 (I am 24 now), I put that kind of stress on my penis all the time…maybe even worse. So honestly now more than ever, I appreciate how sensitive that area is and I could never fall back into those old habits again. Although I chose to rub it out on her, I was still close to organism from the sex, I just chose not to cum inside of her. Also I do regular kegal exercises, and that increases my sexual duration.

Once again thank you to this board. I will post my past threads in the comments section so you all can see my journey. I hope this helps you all. Now that I know that I am good to have sex again I have been even more confidant, multiplied with the confidence that I received from nofap…I feel invincible.

If I can do it anyone can. My first streak ended after 40 days and I felt helpless. Luckily there were positive members on this board who were willing to offer advice, so I hope this post helps. This is a scary journey to go at alone, and there is hella doubt and fear of the unknown. Just do not give up, and do not be afraid to slip up. It all pays off eventually!