Age 23 – PIED & delayed ejaculation: It all pays off in the end!

Just giving you some light at the end of the tunnel. Was looking at hard-ish core porn since I was about 15. PMO daily, up to 3 times daily even depending on stress levels.

I decided to give it up 7 weeks ago due to knowing I had a big weekend coming up and thought it’d be a good idea to be horny going to the event. I flatlined soon after the event which was stressful but the reading here put me at somewhat ease.

Unfortunately I didn’t pull that weekend (it was a great weekend nonetheless!). I had a wet dream soon after and was in the middle of my flatline. But when I got back to my shared house I began watching movies with my housemate that eventually moved from the living room to the bedroom (for convenience reasons of course 😉 ). And eventually I threw my arm over her shoulder and we started cuddling before trying to have sex.

I had bought Viagra in anticipation the week before which I was hoping I wouldn’t need. I had had sexual encounters with girls before but had never got it up. I was also very drunk these previous times as well so I wasn’t sure what the cause was (I now know it was just a bit of anxiety/PIED). Anyway I didn’t get it up the first night which wasn’t ideal and didn’t take the Viagra either- especially considering it was my housemate, if things didn’t work out it would obviously be quite awkward. I was trembling with fear making a move on a girl I knew sober. I get the shakes when I’m nervous anyway – job interviews etc…

The next time we tried one or two days later – I took the Viagra and it had no effect. This was probably me getting to the end of the flatline phase. I was getting erections cuddling but soon after penetration I would lose the erection. We did some other touching and I fingered her to orgasm anyway – which relieved me in knowing that I could still please her either way.

I believe strongly that having my housemate and nightly cuddling accelerated the process of flatlining for me but who knows for certain.

The third time – I got 3/4 hard and penetrated her to orgasm! This was progress but I still couldn’t finish without using my hand. I’d explained the process to her at this stage and that I was trying to not use my hands too much as I believed (and proved right) that I had death grip syndrome where I find it easier to orgasm to my hand than a vagina.

We continued like this where I would make her orgasm – sometimes I would finish my hand other times not. She wanted to go into a relationship pretty quick which I went with although have held off on using words like girlfriend until recently. She was quite frustrated that she would orgasm and I wouldn’t. I explained to her a few times that it is just going to be like this until it sorts itself out.

Which in the end, it did! For the first time last night I orgasmed inside her (she’s on the pill now). We were both delighted and it hopefully is a sign of greater things to come.

Other important notes; I really struggled feeling anything with a condom – just went without most of the time with the intention of pulling out if I ever got close – obviously not the best advice but just saying what I did. She went on the pill soon anyway.

I was horny pretty much every night the whole time – she did get annoyed at me wanting something every night or grinding on her at 3am.

I did actually watch porn about 6 weeks in after a night I was extra horny and didn’t get anything – first time without orgasming then the further 2 times afterwards I did. I don’t think this helped nor do I recommend it in a reboot tbh.

There was then a two day period where I didn’t see her and I didn’t touch myself and that was the brilliant night that I came in her!

Sorry for the all over the place writing style but didn’t want to leave anything important out.

Hopefully this is useful to someone out there and best of luck to you all. It all pays off in the end!


BY – nairb 29