Age 23 – PIED gone – I’m not the same person I was 7 months ago


This weekend I hit a new milestone. I feel recovered, so blessed, and happy with myself. 7 months ago I could barely get a useful erection with a girl. The hardest I could get would be when I was masturbating. I suffered real sexual anxiety…

Because I could get really hard with pants on (making out + touching) but the minute they came off bam my boner was gone. I tried multiple times with random hook ups (tinder or in person at parties) but always never achieved what I felt I could with a partner. I got a girlfriend (now ex) and our sexual relationship was not satisfying for me because of my issue. I made sure though she was satisfied using other methods. Even though we split up around 2 months ago (gradual break up) I know looking back at it i cheated myself and her of the pure pleasure I could have brought.

But this weekend I went out with my roommate and her best friend. One thing led to another and i ended up hooking up with my roommates best friend. Even though the sex lasted only like 5 minutes (hahah) I am so happy with myself because I have never been that hard with partner in my entire life. I am a winner!

Things I want to mention unrelated to my achievement and “change.”

HECK YES I RELAPSED over these months. I am not saying this to dis-encourage anyone but to encourage! The main theme with NoFap is to “keep fighting.”

-I’ve gained 15 lbs in muscle

-I am way more active daily (studying, socializing, working out 5 days a week, reading, mediating, going to counseling to better my personality, etc).

-I’ve gone from being a watcher/talker to a do-er/active/achiever

I am experiencing life. I am struggling and I am over coming my struggles. I do experience social anxiety but I fight through it. I don’t curl up at home anymore.

Best of luck guys! I just had to share my story. I’m 23. I started using porn in 7th grade till this year.

tldr: don’t fap

LINK – I am not the same person I was 7 months ago! I only have NoFap to thank. My story

By Dwarvesneedfood2