Age 23 – PIED: I now have an active and fulfilling sex life with my girlfriend.

I’m 23. I was a porn user for nearly 6 years. Sometimes I would watch porn for 3+ hours a day for several days. Sometimes when I tried to sleep and closed my eyes, I would see porn images for hours causing me heavy insomnia.

I was addicted to P and M, not too much to O. I would edge several times a day, only O once or at most twice a day, but spending hours and hours watching porn.

I started to recognize this as an addiction when I was about 20, sometimes I tried to watch less, but couldn’t stop for more than a few days. I wasn’t sexually active until I was 19. No sex just hands and blows. I wouldn’t cum from oral nor handjobs for HOURS and I had to imagine porn to keep a hard on. I was, needless to say, very disappointed about sex.

Then the worst came, my first time having sex. First, I couldn’t get hard without thinking about porn, which sucked. Then I would go limp when I put the condom. Like 100-0 in 1 second. Even when I managed to stay hard and could have sex, I would go limp after a little time while inside a girl. I took the complete WRONG approach. I could watch porn right before going out so I could remember the porn and try to get hard. I would go as far as watch porn (and masturbate) in the car before a date. I was objectifying women completely; only saw as means to an end, recreating porn.

My self-esteem was in hell. I thought I had severe ED. I didn’t want to have sex ever again. I broke up with my at the time gf, (which was a good thing tbh) because of other stuff, but also because of my tremendously low self-esteem caused, ultimately, by porn addiction. After that I went over a year without meeting anyone I was interested in. Until last year when I met a wonderful girl.

Thankfully I was past the time of objectifying women, I fell in love with this girl, she fell in love with me, and she became my girlfriend. Everything was great, but I was extremely concerned of what was going to happen when things got sexual. We went a long time without trying to have sex (she was a virgin), we did however fool around and had oral; which sometimes hard for me but was acceptable.

But that day had to come, and it was like I feared. I still couldn’t have sex because I would go limp right when we started. I felt terrible. She felt terrible too. I felt so ashamed after it that I wanted to end the relationship with the amazing girl I loved. My self-esteem went lower than hell. It was at this time when, thankfully, I discovered nofap.

I read the stories, identified with everything and decided to try it. It changed my life completely. Nofap saved my relationship and gave me a healthy self-esteem. I now have an active and fulfilling sex life with my girlfriend. Many of the things I had read started to happen to me; I could get erections a lot easier, felt a deeper emotional connection with my girlfriend, have stronger erections, get morning wood (hello old high school friend!) and saved me from an unfulfilling existence.

It has been about 6 months. I won’t lie, it wasn’t easy. I’ve had 2 relapses, last one was 2 months ago, but I wouldn’t change this for anything. I just wish I had never ever seen porn. Wonder how my life would be.

Anyway, just wanted to tell my story and say a BIG thank you to all of you guys in this sub, you guys saved me.

/sorry for my English.

LINK – ED Cured thanks to /nofap

by Triftex