Age 23 – PIED, I was a wreck 3 years ago


Guys – Nofap can fix us. Im not sure what day im on but i haven’t pmo’d since the 1st day of December. First of all I’m 23 and i started attempting nofap 3 years ago. When i failed to get it up for the girl of my dreams.

We have remained friends but its been eating away at me that i couldn’t be with her. Fear of failure kept me too scared to do anything.

After all this time i feel i am finally passed this. We recently started being friends with benefits and let me just say i no longer have nothing to worry about. I wouldnt say im 100% cured at this point but the progress I’ve made is incredible.

All you guys that are looking through here for success stories like i always used to do, this most certainly is one. I went from feeling hopeless and broken to a man who can be with a woman and make her happy. Stick with this guys, fuck porn. Feel free to ask questions.

[Answers to other posters] 

I’ve got a sharper mind, less depressed and hopeless (feeling the best I’ve felt in a very long time) and I’m actually getting muscle definition since I’ve been doing pull ups every day. Just overall better quality of life.

I’ve been with two girls a few times during the last couple months. I am just not masturbating or looking at any nsfw images. I think even though my average streak was 10-18 days it has helped me recover. So dont think of resets as resetting your progress.

Stick with it and you will see 🙂 one thing i will say is flatlines are terrible and emasculating and in my experience around the two week mark i got hit with a flat line which is the main reason for my previous relapses. Dont let your brain trick you into relapsing and stick it out.

I still experience flatlines every now and then, i fear that i won’t be able to perform and its still in the back of my mind. But once it gets down to it i realize i am fine.

The worst thing you can do is view porn, the trick to this is to just avoid it. And my flatline symptoms were having no libido at all and having a lifeless dick. The cause of most of my relapses were just trying to get a rise out of myself because i was scared i was permanently broken. And from what you’ve said, you are in a much better spot than i was. From all of the stories I’ve read and research ive done i bet you would have a quicker reboot than most. I went a long while without even morning wood. If you stick with it you wont regret it.

Trust me, I was an absolute wreck 3 years ago, and have slowly been progressing. I wish i could go back 3 years ago with the mindset i have now. Pied is real and im so against porn at this point i wish i could just get everyone to stop watching.


LINK – Guys, it works.

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