Age 23 – (PIED) Stronger erections, posture and voice, positive male identity

23 Male. Symptoms [that caused me to try NoFap]: PIED and depression. Benefits: my PIED is not “cured” but has improved immensely, more energy to work out and socialize, stronger posture and voice, positive male identity.

For me, NoFap has not been a “cure all”. It has been a catalyst for me to make the right changes that have helped manifest the benefits above.

This is the first time in about 2 years I have been able to achieve a streak of this length. Now the real work begins. IMO, NoFap isn’t about abstaining from PMO for 90 days or any length of time, it’s about changing your life. Until you’re ready to do that, I don’t think that success in this process is something you should expect.

LINK – Obligatory 90 Days Post

By DooleyBoy1836