Age 23 – Sex is WAY more enjoyable.


Usually I do streaks in 30+ days from traveling but now I’m two months in. I’m 23 and have no problems with erections but I am enjoying sex WAY more without porn AND harder erections. I tried [NoFap] because I stumbled upon why porn and PMO can be unhealthy and it all made sense to me. I’ve been noticing how full of vigor I am when I travel.

Everything is new and exciting, you’re super active walking everywhere, you tend to care less in another country and take more risks… (I started doing this stuff more in my hometown too)

And a big one… I instantly don’t even think about fapping. Not in my hotel, hostel, or what ever room.

Anyways, I’ve been doing NoFap for the past month (I still have sex but my only Orgasm is through sex)

And I’ve had multiple women tell me I’m energetic and one told me that I have “A fire about me”. I’m very skeptical but quitting porn masturbation has been wonders for me.

It’s crazy how many people (including myself) were unaware of our PMO addictions. I sat back and realized I was getting way too excited off of entering my favorite porn sites… all that sexual energy should go into pursuing and dating other women and other active lifestyles.

Anyways, I recommend traveling for NoFap.

LINK – Traveling for NoFap / my NoFap story

By EmberTraveler