Age 23 – Social anxiety gone, More confident, Feel excited about life, No more insomnia, Family conflicts better


Here is my Day-90 report. English is not my native language.

The Benefits of NOFAP for me within 90days Hardmode

  • I’m more confident to speak with people and open to share my pmo addiction (Before I have severe social anxiety and I am a very awkward person)
  • Feel excited about life – I feel I want to do a lot of things. My dreams are becoming more realistic
  • I increasingly Matured every time. I learn to be positive
  • My Energy Increase Drastically
  • Gained a lot of Muscle (I workout I’m petite & Hard gainer)
  • NO more Insomnia
  • Attraction to women is real
  • Men starting to respect me
  • Problems in my Vision Gone
  • most of my Family Conflicts and Problems Fixed
  • Guts to do crazy things
  • Balls to go COLD SHOWER in the morning and before sleep

My tips TO overcome PMO:

  • Daily Visit NOfap Youtube Videos – Nofap Reddit
  • Don’t Focus to women
  • Work Out & Exercise
  • Open your addiction to your Family & best friend. Even though they don’t understand it.. For me it works And I Feel Healed from my Past.
  • Do something crazy or do something new that will shock your brain
  • Do something Interesting
  • The moment your start nofap is the moment you Start Living your DREAMS and NO MORE BAD HABITS!
  • Avoid Anything that will trigger the urge. Porn Blocker, Unsubscribe/unfollow THE person, PAGE or group that has sexy picture stuff. Burn anything stuff in your house that can trigger your urge.. Make a Plan and Be prepared b4 your start your Nofap journey

I’m 23 yrs old. I struggle PMO for 11 years of my life.. My first time seeing porn is when I’m 7-8 yrs old. My father show me his video with a bunch of naked woman while I’m beside my sisters watching as well.. (weird right) .. I came from a broken family, my father-mother got separated when I was 12.. I live with my Mother, my father have another affair…

I was more addicted to PMO when my neighbor introduce me to a lot of his porn cd’s.. Those time my family has suffering from financial so I was transfer from a public school which is the first time I experienced a class consisting of 60 students compared to my previous private school where I have only 7-8 classmates. I always got bullied to that school, so I prefer to skip my classes playing computer games and watching Porn.

PMo really Really worsen me all those years and Skipping from school is normal FOR ME. Funny thing is I still got a Scholarship in one of the well known university from my country.. Later in time, I failed my scholarship and I was so depressed. So I go back to my PMO habits. FROM 2012-2016 I SPEND MOST OF THE TIME INSIDE MY ROOM. Because I withdraw from my life.. I feel so ashamed of myself.. I became so petite, my body is late in puberty due to lack of nutrition followed up by pmo..

But the moment I found Nofap this last July– I become an OPPOSITE of me.. I go out and do something crazy stuff.. It was a major Transition which also a lot of withdrawal symptom .. Getting away from Comfort Zone makes my 90DAYS nofap MORE Successful…

Nofap Really helps me because this a Community that will help you and understand your situation.. You feel related and connected…

WHAT I SAY IS: NOFAP IS REAL!! Benefit is Real!!

I just want to THANK YOU GUYs for all the Post and Advices.. I love you all.. I owe this subreddit a lot..

This is my First time to post in reddit hope In it helps you guys.. God bless!


by nightesparks



I can’t imagine how it changed my life. I swear to you that a lot of great things happen to me since I first started Nofap. This isn’t a myth or a cult or a superpowers that people talking about.. It’s REAL man. Just go for it and make at least 90 days. I don’t feel the urge anymore and it was replaced by excitement to live an extraordinary life. My thoughts before I start Nofap I don’t have hope anymore, I already give up in my life and I’ve been into high level of porn that is hard to overcome that includes incest, child & Hardcore BDSM & stuff …but when I found this community it helps me a lot (It’s like a Miracle).

So I beg you PLEASE start and hold on to NOFAP. It will help your life!