Age 23 – Stay strong focus on the result and soon you will get out of this dark tunnel to the light.

I have reached 55 days without PMO, this is the longest time I ever stayed without PMO. I was quit focused in the first 30 day because it wasn’t the first time for me to reach 30, it was like going to exam that you already took before.

But as a went beyond the 30 day mark it was like going through undiscovered land, it was hard because I didn’t know what to expect. I had all the usual cocktail of feelings depression, anxiety, hornynesssssssssssssssssss lol, laziness and others. Wet dreams wear coming from week to week depending on how horny I was, some times each 3 or 4 days. A lot of you guys hate wet dreams, but for me it was a blessing because it helped me release some of my sexual tension and hornyness.

Fantasy, oh boy they are trouble especially if there are about porn, but thank god mine was about a real person (my crush), but still it’s very dangerous because it might lead you to relapse, also it slows the process of your rebooting a lot. Things I want to be careful of is the reasoning your mind might use in order to convince you to relapse. It might tell you that you are already cured and you don’t need to torture yourself no more. Also you need to exclude everything that might give you urges or temptations like TV or social media.

Now we come the most important thing in the NoFap journey which is changing your lifestyle, porn addiction has altered our lifestyle in a way that we become more depended on it. If you recall your life before this bad habit you will probably see a different person than yourself now, a much happier person who can enjoy simple things in life, a person who have many activities and enjoy socializing, a person who have hopes and dreams.

But the person you are now is miserable and his life revolves around his closed dark room and the laptop. Your priority is to stay in your room in front of your laptop, everything else is just something that will make anxious. You become anxious when you hang with you friend, when you meet any female, when you are in a crowded place like classes, your comfort zone is your room and anything outside of that is just a problem.

But don’t worry the solution is easy, you just need to exit your comfort zone, at the beginning it will be hard but as you go ahead it will get easy and at the end you will feel like your comfort zone is the whole world. So I encourage everyone here to start changing their lifestyle and to introduce new things. Start reading, dancing, writing, going to gym, workout in home, socializing moor, going outside or any new activities. You need to start living your life differently, everything you do until now is what gets you here, and if you do the same thing you will get the same result.

All those guys who talked about super power is because of the things they have changed in their life not just NoFap. 55 days now and I feel empty because I excluded everything that used to fuel my addiction and my life now is empty. I need to fill this void or else I will surrender to the urges and temptations.

Change your life change yourself become the person you really want to be, then and then only when you will really beat this addiction and start feeling the super powers.

Stay strong focus on the result and soon you will get out of this dark tunnel to the light. Later guys.

LINK – 55 day of hard mode

by Abdulaziz Yusuf