Age 23 – Strong and in shape, good work ethic, no more HOCD


I started as a socially awkward and unemotional wreck and here I am 90 days later, finding happiness in the small moments in life and one of the most sociable people ever. PIED is 75% gone and I no longer fear meeting someone new or being the center of attention.

When I say I’m not cured, I mean that I’m still experiencing days of no motivation and weak willpower.

My life is getting better but it’s still a fight to cure myself of the damages of porn. I have no doubt that in another 3 months I will no longer be influenced by porn and that I will be well on my way of ridding myself of this curse. Good luck to everyone. It’s a tough road but it’s a worthwhile journey

It is difficult to accept that it will take time to fix the PIED but I’m ok with that. Mainly because as you mentioned , you learn to be human again, and its a really fun experience.

[I had] low self esteem. It stemmed from being fat as a kid and being picked on. Now that I’ve been studying more and taking my job seriously I’m realizing that my work ethic is not the norm at all. What I consider normal work others see it as above and beyond. It’s trippy af.

I’ve always lifted and I’m fairly strong and in shape. So other than devoting myself to school nothing [different] really. I began working on my social skills and have been listening to a podcast called The Art of Charm (highly recommend it btw) as they talk about books that one should read and techniques to being more sociable and successfully networking. And so I’ve been reading books they recommend and practicing their advise. Other than that I plan on getting certified after I lose another 15 lbs so that I can compete in powerlifting and look the part of a Personal trainer while I complete my accounting degree.

I’m 23. And I’ve been watching prob for as much as 8 years. So often in fact the homosexual fantasies began before I even graduated high school, except that back then I used to fight it cuz I was scared of being gay. Now I don’t really care what it means, I can get hard with women and I’ve never had interest in dating a man. Either way if I turn out to be bi I could care less. All the adolescent struggles I went through taught me to grow up and I’m no longer phased by anyone’s opinion. But I truly believe it was just a novelty rush for me to watch gay porn. I doubt I’m gay or bi.

Btw everyone, my last two semesters I received a 3.0 ( teacher robbed me of a 3.5 because he gave me the wrong info and couldn’t rectify it/blamed me ) and a 4.0 over the summer 🙂

Life is getting way better. I’ve learned a lot from nofap. Mainly that only through hard work and struggle will I achieve anything.

LINK – Day 90. Not even close to cured

By LordShivv