Age 23 – Suffered PIED, had terrible relationships. At 90 days I am getting hard all the time, currently dating a girl.


I suffered from PIED. Had terrible relationships in the past. All the usual. At 90 days I am getting hard all the time… currently dating a girl. Have a lot more confidence; I do better in the gym and at work and have a much clearer mind.

The first 2 months I was on nofap all the time and it was a bit of work.

This is the first time I have been on here in a month as I find it a lot easier not to fap if I just use this as a check in spot if I’m struggling. I just don’t look at porn anymore. And when i have urges to fap I put it towards something productive.

It’s worth it y’all! Much love.

LINK – 90 day check in

by drkmtter


thanks to the nofap network, made it to day 15

First two weeks have been pretty easy as I have been really caught up in a new job. Takes up ALOT of my time. However I just had a 4 day weekend. And spent time with alot of girls. I was in full flatline. But i was horny as hell this weekend. Had some financial issues come up tonight. and well… I’m a recovered drug addict as well…(23 months sober) not only did I have to run to an A.A. meeting to deal with that. Had to spend an hour on nofap when I got home. But hey IT WORKED. It’s amazing how recovering from PMO is exactly the same as recovering from drugs. I’ve been super blessed to be able to apply what I have learned from getting clean from heroin to this whole nofap thing. But for real. Thank yall for being here… I am nothing without my network.

16 days in, coming out of a flatline. feels good.

Can literally feel myself coming out of a rough initial flatline. Have been starting to feel alpha as fuck at work, which is nice. Had two instances of complete and total “fuck me eyes” from two girls today. One at the gym, one at the super market. Had the mentality of complete confidence that I could flirt my way into a date. But kept the discipline of a 90 day hardmode commitment going strong and abstained.