Age 23 – Used to be a virgin, never had a girlfriend: My how things have changed.

Call it superpowers, call it biochemistry, call it placebo, call it whatever you want. THIS SHIT WORKS! Hell, it does.

I am 23 years old (throwaway account). I used to be a virgin. I never had a girlfriend. Why? I don’t know to be honest… low confidence, performance anxiety, no attraction towards girls, … I already gave up a few years ago, until I found this subreddit.

I am 8 months porn- and masturbation-free. Three months ago I had sex for the very first time of my life. The beautiful girl came 3 times before I came and she said she loved it (I never told her I was a virgin, obviously). Funny thing: SHE picked ME up in the club. That never ever happened before, trust me.
In the weeks after my first time, I had sex multiple times with 3 different women. I don’t know what happened, it feels like I have a massive run – ALL THE TIME!

I am in a relationship since two months and everything is great. My girlfriends best friend (one of my good friends too, that’s how we met) told me a bit jealously a few days ago, that my gf told her that the sex is amazing, that it is totally different than with her ex-boyfriends and that I seem to “know what women want”. Hell, I can’t even tell you how much confidence I got hearing this. My girlfriend is beautiful. I knew her before NoFap, but I always thought she’s way out of my league. Well, look at me now. I know she’s highly experienced in bed since she has sex since she was 15 (24 now).

Right now, a lot of other girls are flirting with me. Hot chicks start talking to me in the club, in public, in the store. It’s like they feel that I’ve changed. It’s awesome.

tl;dr: I was a 23yo old virgin & loser with girls. NoFap made me unbelievably attractive towards girls & I had sex multiple times with multiple women. I have a girlfriend now and she said I am amazing in bed.

If you have any questions (withdrawal symptoms, flatlines, libido, urges, etc.) – AMA!


LINK – [8 months] NOFAP WORKS! I was a 23yo virgin. Thanks to NoFap I had sex with 4 women. I am now in a loving relationship and apparently a bomb in bed. My problem now: Too many other girls are flirting with me, but I love it! [AMA!]

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Excellent news! Did you have PIED? Thanks for the report.


I had indeed three sad attempts to have sex, failed every single time: ED. I was pretty drunk, too, so I blamed the alcohol. Well, now the sex is even better when I am wasted. So I guess it really was porn-induced.