Age 24 – 1 year – Biggest benefit is the reduction in anxiety and depression


One year ago today, July 1st 2015, I gave up choking the ol chicken and haven’t looked back! I’m a little lost for words at this point as I would have never thought after my 10 or so years of addiction that I could stay clean for a year. HOLY COW IT FEELS AMAZING!!! YOU CAN DO IT TOO!

Also, seeing Billy Joel in concert tonight. that’s just icing on the no masturbation cake I baked for myself.

Hope you all have a glorious day!

LINK – One year to the day!

by caatchtowards

Comment 1

Thank you!

Biggest benefit is the reduction in anxiety and the depression / hate I feel towards myself. Im a pretty big introvert so mingling with people and having pointless socially acceptable conversations getting to know said people is a big trigger for my anxiety. That has diminished significantly and I don’t have as much trouble keeping up those conversations now. I still hate them but hey its part of life.

Another benefit is that the discipline I used to help me stop fapping has carried over to other aspects of my life and I feel more organized as odd as that sounds.

Although I have a girlfriend I find it easier to talk with her friends/her/random girls and make them laugh and be comfortable around me. Also I don’t see extremely hot woman in public and think “o yeah I would love to have sex with her but I can’t so I’ll just go home and spank it to my memory of her” as the great eazy e once said “you think I give a damn about a b***h? I ain’t a sucka” lol

Overall the quality of my life has improved greatly and I feel after a year my brain has re wired itself back to somewhat normal.


Comment 2

Thank you! I decided last year I’m the middle of the summer that I had enough of letting this addiction run my life. My relationships weren’t fulfilling, I had (still have) anxiety and depression (they run in my family) I wanted out of the life I had built. I decided that instead of taking the easy way out (we all know what that is) that I would force myself to change.

That change has affected my whole life. My anxiety and depression are coming down to manageable levels. I’m working on rebuilding those unfulfilling relationships and have been doing some praying/meditating to try and help.

I also find that I have the energy to go out and do stuff. Even stuff I was scared to do before. Example: I absolutely HATE going out to a place by myself whether I’m meeting people there or have to run an errand I just don’t like it. Since stopping fapping I have become more comfortable doing that. Maybe its meeting my girlfriend and her friends at the bar, or running into the mall/grocery store/wherever to pick up a couple things. That sounds super lame now that I wrote it out but hey, small steps haha.

The boost in energy also allows me to try new things. This winter I bought a broken motorcycle (never worked on a bike in my life but have worked on plenty of cars/other machines) and within 2 weeks had that bish running like she was competing in a track meet.

Every day gets a little better.

I struggled tons before I got my full year in. Probably relapsed at least 20 times. I’m just an average 24 year old dude who decided he was tired of fapping multiple times a day everyday and did something about it. THE STRUGGLE IS TOTALLY WORTH IT MAN YOU CAN DO IT! Some days I would think “ehh I’ll just do it once then get back to trying to stop” those were the hardest days. It gets easier as your streak gets longer.